Oct 30, 2009

Scarf Sale in Club Monaco this Weekend

Scarf sale in CM. $10 off any scarf in the store. Fri Oct. 30 - Mon Nov. 2, 2009. Club Monaco.com

P.S. Last week at the store at Eaton Center there were a lot of cute scarfs in different colours from $20-$30. I have so many scarfs already, I couldn't decide what colour I need. But I still spent some time staring at them.


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Oct 29, 2009

Top Halloween Parties in TO

Here are the top Halloween Parties in TO that caught my attention (all on Saturday):

1. Promise Warehouse Halloween, some info here, house, funk, techno, electro, afterhours, cheaper to buy in advance - $15 (most likely will be going there)

2. Ghost Dance at the Keating Channel, more info here, techno, dub, afterhours, advance tickets - $20 (if it wasn't a bit too far for me - I'd definitely be there)

3. Masquerade at the Windsor Arms, more info here, house music, beautiful venue, need tickets - $40 advance, 18 St. Thomas Street (as an alternative to an underground scene, this party might be fun)

4. Slow Dance of the Living Dead, Toronto-based Worn Fashion Journal is launching its ninth issue this Saturday with a Slow Dance of the Living Dead, info here, dance cards, fourtune telling, cupcakes, gift bags...sounds like it'd be fun for the singles, 805 Dovercourt Road (maybe I should go there instead and meet a zombie of my dream)

P.S. oh, and there is always "the biggest russian halloween party at Solarium (former Docks)" as an alternative to the ones above :) info just for the curious ones (i won't be there - that's for sure)

Other "worth going" parties for the next few days:

1. Thur. Stay Gold, Dj Set by the locals - Strombo & K-OS.
Trendsetters from all avenues come out to hit the decks and share their favorite tunes with fans and music lovers alike.
info here, non-traditional venue with no pre-determined crowd.

2. Fri. No Love Lost, new bar Blondies on West Queen West/Parkdale, house, italo and other new/classic/rare dance floor gems, 1378 Queen St West


Oct 28, 2009

Toronto Urban Adventures

Toronto Sports and Social Club offers various Urban Adventures like paintball, scuba diving and golfing classes, gym speed dating and many more. My personal favourite -an adult skating class ($15+GST)

Get active!

Drake's Outdoor Market-Yard Sale

Drake Hotel is hosting a Yard Sale this weekend. The promise is that "visitors will find everything from a loaf of pumpkin bread to some forgotten vinyl". I am exited to score some goodies from their General Store (that is now on-line HERE).

The sale starts on Saturday at 10a.m. and free coffee will be served to the early birds.

Let's Shop!

Oct 26, 2009

40 reasons to stay where you are – Canada, by Wallpaper

The November issue of Wallpaper* gives you 40 reasons to stay exactly where you are in 10 territories around the globe. Or 360 reasons to pack your bags and head elsewhere.

Here are 40 reasons to stay in Canada. wallpaper.com

Personally, I'm not too impressed by the reasons, but very flattered that this country ended up in the list of the magazine that I still respect and like.

More design news from Wallpaper* HERE


Oct 23, 2009

Diesel Sample Sale

Fall/Winter merchandise. Details HERE.

Oct 29-30
King/Dufferin area

Oct 22, 2009

Gourmet Burgers at Fast-Food Prices

In the past year we’ve seen Toronto blogs and magazine write raving reviews of various “gourmet” burger joints. I can’t argue, their food is really outstanding-no day-old buns, soggy veggies, processed cheese, etc… Unfortunately, such state-of-the-culinary-art burger can cost you as much as a main course at a downtown restaurant. I enjoy an occasional burger myself, so I was really pleased to hear about South St. Burger Company-an offspring of NY Fries.

Today I’ve visited South Street’s Yonge and Eglinton location and was pleasantly surprised the minute I walked in the door. First, the place actually smelled of good, appetizing food (unlike ANY other fast-food restaurant I’ve ever been to). The place was spotless clean, with very cute contemporary/minimalist décor. No left-over food on the tables, no untidy workers lazily walking around, and, best of all, no regular McDonalds’ crowd! The restaurant seems to be frequented with local white-collar workers, an occasional mom-and-kid duo, and some Forest-Hill school kids.

I make my way to the counter and order a chicken burger (less than $6) with small fries (less than $3)-the selection recommended by the restaurant’s manager. I am given a round metal tray with disposable paper ligning-a great alternative to the green plastic horror of other QSRs (Quick Service Restaurants). The manager tells me some of the customers actually asked to buy these trays-and I can totally understand why.

Anyways, back to my burger… At South Street you actually get to see how your burger is made. You get to choose the bun (white or whole wheat), you get to choose your toppings (an outstanding selection of any imaginable burger fair-I went for guacamole, lettuce, tomatoes, goat cheese, and pickles). You also get to see how your patty or chicken is grilled.

The food proved to be as good as it looked. Grilled chicken breast was moist, and the veggies added some freshness to the bread-and-meat combination. Fries were good, not too greasy, and just the right amount that none go to waste.

So, if you are ever in the area, make sure you starve yourself a little first, and then go an enjoy a very satisfying meal at South St. Burger Company.

2383 Yonge St.
Yonge + Eglinton
Sun-Thu 11:00am - 10:00pm
Fri-Sat 11:00am - 11:00pm
Phone: 647-343-6744


Affair of the Heart Exclusive Shopping Event

Here is another shopping event. This time, shop guilt-free for a good cause and get some freebies:

Sunday, November 1, 2009 @ 6:30pm-10:00pm
Sherway Gardens
25 The West Mall, Etobicoke
Enter Through Door 4
Business Casual Dress

Get a head start on holiday shopping with exclusive retailer discounts
ranging from 15-40% off and enjoy:

·Delicious heart-healthy appetizers created by Rose Reisman,
light refreshments, wine and cheese sampling, a decadent sweet table

·Themed comfort zones with live entertainment, specialty cocktails, beer and snacks

·Free dance lessons by dancers from Toronto's Arthur Murray Dance Studio

·Style Sessions with free fashion and hair consultations by Sherway's Personal Shoppers and Master Stylists from Soho Salon & Spa

Proceeds will be used to purchase critical cardiac assessment equipment
for the Cardiology Department at Oakville-Trafalgar Memorial Hospital

Upcomming Toronto Sales

Are you planning to do some shopping soon? Here are the upcoming TO sales (agh.... I with I could fit in "sample size" clothing:

1. Miss Sixty, Kilah, Energie Sample Sale-October 28-29, 11a.m.-8p.m.
639 Queen st. West
Interac and credit cards are NOT accepted
All sales final
2. Shop Movie Wordrobes
Purchase unique Fashion Items used in Toronto-based film and television shoots
at the Canadian Aliance of Film and Television. Costume arts and design Movie Wordrobe Sale is happening Saturday, October 24 at Pinewood Toronto Studios. (souse: Metro Toronto)
3. Petite Feet Shoe Sample Sale (all sizes available!)
October 22-25, 10a.m.-6p.m.
International centre
Hall4, 6900 Airport Road

Cirque Du Soleil-Breathtaking!

Cirque Du Soleil's latest production-"Ovo"-is in TO now. The performance is beyond anything I've ever seen! The set-up resembles traditional Chapito circus, but has all comforts of today-washrooms, concession counters, souvenirs. Consider taking TTC-driving there can be very difficult.
Here is a link to the official OVO trailer
Here is a link to CDS's official site


Oct 20, 2009

Note to Some-Russian Film Festival, November 5-8

Note to all our Russian-speaking readers-Russian Film Festival (Фестиваль Российского Кино) is happening in Toronto for the second time. Details are HERE.

Opening night:
"Anna Karenina" with Sergey Solovyov and Tatyana Drubich in the audience.
Isabel Bader Theater, 93 Charles St. West ("Museum" Subway St).
$12 - adults
$10 - students and seniors.

Oct 19, 2009

Kawartha Country Wines

This weekend we had our first (but hopefully not the last) Fall field trip-we went to Kawartha Country Winery and visited some other surrounding attractions. Capa stayed home to “take care of some business”, so me and my boyfriend set off with two friends -Ilona and Val. We got really lucky with the weather-it was sunny for the entire day, with temperature going up to 11C in mid-afternoon.
Our first stop was Kawartha Country Winery-a small, privately-owned business that boasts a selection of unique fruit-flavored wines (don’t be fooled by their sweetness-they go up to 15% vol.alc). We drove from Toronto, and by noon we were at the winery. The grounds are really small but beautiful, with multicolored trees and yellowish grass. The owner, John Rufa, is a very nice middle-aged gentleman who used to live in TO until recently. He also happened to teach in my High School! John appears very knowledgeable about his products and was eager to explain the differences between Late Harvest and Ice Wines (one was $10 and another was $30). John’s wife was behind the tasting counter and was kind enough to let us taste a selection of their products.. My God, almost all the wines were so nice that I immediately wanted to get some to take home. A few were a bit too sweet for my liking, but Rhubarb Apple and Cranberry Apple were simply amazing. I also got a bottle of Late Harvest Wine for $10. My boyfriend, who was the designated driver and couldn’t drink, went crazy with meat and salad souses, so we left the store with 5(!) different bottles.
We drove 5 minutes to a nearby Chinese restaurant and after a quick meal (that was very average) went walking around Buckhorn. It proved to be a very nice little town with some very picturesc views. We then set off to the Gallery On The Lake, the largest independent artist exhibition/retail space in Ontario. To be honest, I wasn’t greatly impressed by most of the works, but Val got a beautiful framed silk print to take home ($99 for a framed print).
I’ve enjoyed the trip so much, that I will recommend it to everyone. The winery is a must see (so different form Niagara region)and the Gallery is set on unbelievably beautiful grounds.

I am planning a second trip to the Winery closer to the gift-giving season.


Happy Monday everyone! HERE is what's on at the AGO.


Oct 16, 2009

Cub Monaco Sale-Extra 20% Off Clearance

I am seriously addicted to this store.

Note To All: Pick Up Metro Toronto Today and Read About Both LePage's Nightingale and CDS's OVO

I've read the reviews this morning and got oh so exited about both events. I even opened my wallet to check that the ticks are there.


Art Toronto 2009-October 23-26

TIAFAIR is happening again. This year it is the 10th anniversary of the biggest art affair of the North (of the World, that is).I will definitely use the opportunity to familiarise myself with the contemporary North American Art. Here is the visitor's guide to the event.

Metro Toronto Convention Centre,
North Building,
Exhibit Halls A & B
255 Front Street West, Toronto

Have Fun!


October 22 Update: I am attending the Opening Night for this event, so stay tuned for a report!

Oct 15, 2009

Toronto Chocolate Festival

There is week-long Toronto Chocolate Festival happening all over the city and featuring sweet deals from chocolatiers, prix fixe dinners and an all-you-can-eat gala finale.

The deals are valid only with coupons that can be printed from the event web site. HERE

Or this website here from Red Flag Deals. HERE

Toronto Chocolate Festival,
Oct 19-25, 2009, various locations, chocolatefestivalweek.com

Lancome Happy Hour Offer-Untill 7p.m. Today Only!

Just in case you are in need of some skin care, fragrances, or make-up, Lancome is offering a "Happy Hour" bonus today only! Spend $40 US in their on-line store and get a collection of 5 mini Juicy Tubes for Free!

Oh, and also get free shipping on any order untill October 22nd.

Start Shopping Here.


Lululemon Sale Section-Finally!

I am a big fan of everything Lulu, but since I don't make 100K/year yet, I am having a hard time justifying $100 yoga pants purchases. I've heard about a Lululemon outlet somewhere in the suburbs, but it seams like everyone knows ABOUT it, but no one knows WHERE is it.

Well, enough of this... Lulu's site now has an extensive sale section.
Let's shop!

$20 Esso Gas Card at Shoppers Drug Mart

Note to all: October 17-18: Spend $75 at Shoppers Drug Mart & Get a $20 Esso Gas Card

Oct 14, 2009

Treasure Trove Event-Saturday, October 17th, 10a.m.-4p.m.

Preview the new collection of Amber jewellery from Baltic Bejoux and get 15% off all new items!

Details about the store HERE.

Club Monaco Event-October 15th, 4p.m.-9p.m.

Guys-get 15% off new collection
Ladies-Bring a man in and get 15% off too!

The Event is taking place at all stores.


Flirty Girl Deals And Gift

Buy 5 classes for just $90 and get one FREE
Buy 10 classes for just $160 and get two FREE plus one FREE ticket to our Fabulous Flirty Girl Night Out Party - November 20th
Buy 20 classes for just $280 and get three FREE plus one FREE ticket to the Flirty Girl Night Out Party plus a FREE pair of Adorable Flirty Undies!
Visit Flirty Girls Fitness for more details.

Oct 13, 2009

Note to all-Friends Fine Foods at Yonge and Davisville

Here is an article from Saturday's Toronto Star about this amazing Hot Table place. of course, I am even more exited about being interviewed for it (a 10-min interview resulted in 2 printed lines). But Honestly, the food is just great and the prices are really "friendly".

Bon appetit


Oct 9, 2009

Creative Festival-October 16-18

The Creativ Festival is the largest show of its kind, with dozens of vendors offering fabric, yarn, beads, textured papers, art supplies and more. The festival also features craft tools and equipment for sale, no matter what your medium. Craft project ideas and patterns are available at any level, from beginner to expert crafter. Knitters, sewers, quilters, scrapbookers and other craft enthusiasts come together for this event.
Price: Adults: $15, 3 Day Pass: $20
Location: Metro Toronto Convention Centre
Date/Time: Fri., October 16, From: 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM
Sat., October 17, From: 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Sun., October 18, From: 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Let's be creative!

Sephora.com Sale - Receive Up to 75% off!

Here is your chance to try new make-up and skin care from Sephora. Check out sales HERE and save! Plus, get free samples and free shipping on some orders!

Let's be beautiful!

Bloor-Yorkville Beautylicious Event-October 28-November 7

What is Beautylicious?
"Bloor-Yorkville welcomes you to the centre of Toronto's beauty and wellness industry for a premiere event of grooming, buffing and "

There is a very smart and simple idea behind all this buzz-basically, you get to try our high-end Yorkville Spa services for a fraction of the regular price. The prices range anywhere from $25 to $125.

For example, here is what Yorkville's AXIspa is offering:

$25 Offerings
AXIspa express pedicure: a 45-minute pedicure, includes callous work, cuticle work and polish, or
AXIspa quick fix combo: a 30-minute service that focuses on cuticle work and polish for fingers and toes
$75 Offering
AXIspa mini facial and massage: 45-minute version of our signature AXIspa facial (customized to skin types), and a 30-minute relaxing massage, or
AXIspa ritual pedicure and vital leg treatment: a classic pedicure ritual and our vital leg service that combats fluid retention and aids in circulation
$125 Offering
AXIspa body scrub and 30-minute massage: a body scrub with an additional 30-minute massage and take home bottle of fantastic fruity peel scrub, or
AXIspa facial and product: choose between a hydramemory or soothing facial (based on skin type) and take home the fluid to match
Special Promotion:
Purchase a series of manicures or pedicures (purchase six for the price of five) and receive a complimentary polish care kit (original value of $50)

Ummmm... I am already looking forward to all these treatments!

Mexx-Donate A Coat and Receive $25 Gift Card!

Did you plan to get a new coat this year? Did you plan to get it at Mexx? Well, here is something to sweeten up your shopping...

Let' s shop!

the ugliness of uggies

I hate, hate, hate UGGs. They have been around for a while, but I still can't peacefully ignore their existence. Ugly and not even functional for our wet, salty winters. Now, the company started producing more of a winter appropriate footwear, but the original ones should have just stayed in Australia to start with. But, if you agree with me on their ugliness, it gets worth. Above is what Russians came up with to "glamourize" the boots! (the designer even has some contract with the company). I hope I will never ever see anything like that on the street!

Sorry for the eye sore! (I hope you didn't get offended if you own a pair)

Here is an article from Russian Afisha.

NOTE to all...Art exhibition at MOCCA

Did you know we have Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art, MOCCA? I did. It's a concrete building hidden in between small galleries on West Queen West. However, I have never been there yet. Now, might be a good time to check it out. At least I'll try.

There is a BMO 1st ART! Exhibition celebrates the best of Canada's recent visual arts graduates.

Oct 7-Nov 1, 2009
MOCCA, 952 Queen St. West

Image: Alex Kisilevich, Untitled (Legs, from the series …and then you die), 2009.

Oct 7, 2009

GoodLife Deals-Printable Coupons For Classes and Tanning

You will find some great deals from GoodLife Fitness Here. Group exercise classes, tanning, and more! This is perfect for someone who is not ready to commit to a gym membership.

Let's exercise!


Save.ca-Not Very Glamorous, But Very Smart

Save.ca is a Canadian site that offers free grocery coupon. The service is simple-go on-line, pick the coupons, and they will be mailed to you for free within a few days. It is smart to make a habit of going to Save.ca every Monday, then using the coupons when you do your shopping on the weekend.

Let's Save!


Oct 6, 2009

Gap Sale-4 Days Only-30% Off All Regular-Priced Fall/Winter Collection

Gap Winter Preview Sale-October 8-11. Get 30% off all regular-priced merchandise.
Let's Shop!

NOTE to all...another blog that cought my attention

At 12:10 in the morning, I thought I'll share this little find with you:
A blog from a very Parisian woman, illustrator, interested in fashion and everything else. Here it is:


Oct 5, 2009

Om Laila-Another Belly Dancing Studio in Downtown Toronto

A little while ago we did a review on Arabesque Belly Dancing Studio in Toronto. Here is another Downtown studio-Om Laila. Their web site reads:
"Om Laila Bellydance for Body and Soul is Roula Said's holistic method for Bellydance instruction. You will learn excellent Bellydance technique while getting more deeply conscious and connected to the essence of you - this is what makes Om Laila distinct and powerful."
For those who are interested in learning more about the Belly Dancing Technique, here is the Belly Dancing Community Web site.

Oct 3, 2009


Here is another guide to tonight's Nuit Blanche from Torontoist. HERE

Not sure if the reviews are worth anything...guess, would have to see it for ourselves to know! But having someone else list would be a good starting point!

Don't get wet and cold!
TIP: Bring some alcohol in a plastic (not alcohol) bottle to keep you warm!


PS. more reviews here

Oct 2, 2009

a NOTE...book cover inspiration

For an ispiration for a cover design or just for a little feast for your eyes, here is website with book covers: Book cover archive


National Women's Show-October 23-25

Be a part of the fashion, food and fun at the ultimate Girl's Day Out!

The National Women's Show is happening again October 23-25, 2009 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre South building. Tickets are $14 and available at the doors.

Enjoy a welcome Goody Bag (arrive early, supplies are limited), exhibits by international women's brands, guest speakers and much more!

Save $5 on two tickets purchase (see flier for details).

See you there!

Our little guide to NUIT BLANCHE

A little intro by Fira:
I just realized how much Nuit Blanche means for me… It’s a night of art, re-connecting with friends, freezing wind (and possibly rain), hot coffees and snacks, a night of walking the streets of my favorite city on earth-Toronto. I know that many of you will disagree with me-lately everyone is uber-obsessed with Europe. But think about this-why be obsessed with something that’s beyond your rich, and not love something that is so close?
Anyways, I am getting carried away here….


1. Vanity Fair Portraits at the ROM
Free admission from Saturday night to Sunday early morning.
We suggest that you start from the ROM and then move South. This may be your first event of the night, so arrive early to avoid lengthy line-up.

2. Scry-Pod
The Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel, Waterfall Garden, 123 Queen Street West.
“Skry-Pod transforms the Sheraton's lobby and normally inaccessible gardens into a zone of divinatory encounters. Tarot readings activated through iTouch, a live tableaux in the glassed-in waterfall, and a VJ mix of the artists' aesthetic meditations on popular culture, natural cycles, and occult philosophy – will continue through the night.”
This is an ideal place to have you coffee-and-brandy stop. Warm up and Enjoy!

3. Vodka Pool
Lobby of Commerce Court West, 25 King Street West .
Honestly, I don’t know what is so special about this installation, but it’s a must-see on my list! Think of the intoxicating fumes…mmmm..

4. Sounding Space
Scotia Plaza, 40 King Street West (North Forecourt enter from Adelaide Street West doors).
“In this interactive installation, visitors’ feet, bodies and actions trigger musical phrases and sounds sampled from the financial sector and its workplace activities. Alone, or as a crowd, participants kinaesthetically orchestrate Scotia Plaza into a realm of fiscally-inspired melody and dissonance.”

I am really looking forward to this! It reminds me of the “Ball Room” few years ago (the one near OCAD).


As my personal picks would be concerned, I have not had a chance to scan through the lists, yet!
Saturday morning I'll update you on my personal favourites, but for now here are the sites I'll be using for reviews:

1. Nuit Blanche site, here
2. Nuit Blanche 2009 Guide by Blog TO, here

OH! and don't forget about a TTC pass just for that night! here is our old link. TTC is open all night!

NOTE to all... Sample Sale

Designer clothing and premium denim sale- 40%-80% off

Oct 8 - Oct 10, 11am - 9pm
7095 Woodbine Avenue, Markham

More info here

Oct 1, 2009

Body Blitz Spa-Discount Tuesdays

Body Blitz Spa in Toronto offers "health and beauty by water". The spa offers a selection of "Theraputic Waters" that include:
  • Warm sea salt pool
  • Hot green tea pool
  • Cold plunging pool
  • Aromatherapy steam room
  • Infrared sauna
  • Showers

Also offered is a variety of face and body treatments like body scrabs, scalp treatments nad facials.

Get full acces to Theraputic Waters every Tuesday for $38 only (treatmets extra).


International Home Show-Half-Price Tickets Available!

INTERNATIONAL HOME SHOW 2009 runs OCTOBER 9-12 at the International Centre (6900 Airport Road). Regular admission is $14, but if you contact Eugenia Zaika, Sales Rep. HomeLife Response Realty at (416)-970-7528, you can get the tickets at 50% off!

Let's renovate!


P&G Brand Sampler Site-Get Free Samples!

P&G Sampler Site allows registered users to get free samples of P&G products. New samples are available every 3-4 months, and a new batch became available TODAY! Hurry and get some free beauty, personal care, and household products. The delivery usually takes up to 6 weeks.
We Love Free!

Portobello East Fashion and Art Market

Portobello East Fashion and Art Market is a monthly affair (the last Sunday of every month). It is inspired by the traditional artisan markets in Europe and gives the patrons an opportunity to style up and meet local artists and designers.

The next market date is Sunday, October 25.

Image from www.daring.com