Oct 9, 2009

the ugliness of uggies

I hate, hate, hate UGGs. They have been around for a while, but I still can't peacefully ignore their existence. Ugly and not even functional for our wet, salty winters. Now, the company started producing more of a winter appropriate footwear, but the original ones should have just stayed in Australia to start with. But, if you agree with me on their ugliness, it gets worth. Above is what Russians came up with to "glamourize" the boots! (the designer even has some contract with the company). I hope I will never ever see anything like that on the street!

Sorry for the eye sore! (I hope you didn't get offended if you own a pair)

Here is an article from Russian Afisha.

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Nelia said...

LOL! This is hillarious!!! I hate Uggs too, but...I caved and got a pair last year...and have been very happy, since they keep my feet nice and toasty! But I try to limit them to very snowy days, when my nicer boots will leave me slipping and sliding! I absolutely hate the diamond studded ones above though! Horrendous!