Mar 31, 2011

LGFW 2011 - Korhani Rugs Runway Show

Images: kkopanygin
There is fashion, and there is home fashion. Korhani, a century-old Canadian company, has fused the two and presented their unique collection of garments, constructed from their core products: carpets and rugs.

Mar 30, 2011

LGFW 2011 - IZMA

Images: ifurman
IZMA was the first show that I saw at the LG Fashion Week Fall/Winter ’11 installment. It was also the one I was very much looking forward to – I love fur and the idea of  an entire collection made out of the most luxurious of materials made me nearly ecstatic.

Mar 29, 2011

Do My Hair

There is a flyer pinned to the wall of my cubicle that’s been there for at least two years. It’s for a hair salon called “Do My Hair” that offers a lot more than conventional cuts and colours. It’s a blow-dry and make-up bar that has all you need to prepare for a perfect night out. A blow-out will cost you $35 and make-up applications start at $45, so for under $100 (and please tip your stylist) you will shine like a star!

Mar 23, 2011

Maxi by Zara

I've been craving a maxi skirt for a few months now, and had a very hard time finding one. Now Zara has three styles available, ranging from $59 to $119. I am leaning towards the beige one - a neutral that can go with so many things in my closet!


Mar 22, 2011

Moldova? Moldova!

These satin summer slip-ons are called ``Moldova`` and are available for $65 at the Little Burgundy.


Mar 18, 2011

Insider Info - Esprit at The Bay

Fira&Capa just got some precious insider info! On April 1st all Espirit products at the Bay will be $19.99! Great deal if you are looking ot stock up on cute tops, casual pants, and button-up shirts!

Shopping anyone?


Mar 17, 2011

I Made This For You

It’s been a while since my last post and I apologize to all our readers for the dry spell. I’ve been terribly busy, managing some major changes in my life that will result in far more furniture store reviews and home renovations how-tos. All of these great things are coming later in spring, but for now I’d like to introduce you to another fascinating Toronto-based designer, Sara Duke.

Mar 2, 2011