Jan 31, 2010

Old School Music at Kultura Restaurant, Thursdays

Kultura is one of my favourite restaurants. I still can't get over the pasta dish I had there couple of times. I hope they still carry it. There is a bar downstairs if you're not interested in a dinner.
Upcoming Friday we were planning to introduce Fira to this place, but in the mid time I came across this. On Thursdays Kultura is having:

Groove Theory Thursdays. Soul, funk, house, nu jazz & Brazilian grooves.
No cover, 9 pm to 2 am, 169 King St. East (just east of Jarvis), kulturarestaurant.com

If you in this old part of downtown To, enjoy a drink to some good music. Will check it out myself.


Jan 27, 2010

Goodbye Enfatico, Hello Rogers

I am leaving Enfatico today, and starting my new assignment at Rogers on Monday. Thanks to all Enfatico, Dell, and YandR folks who worked with me for the past two years! I am hoping to see you all as followers of this blog.

Rogers, here I come!


Look who has the blog now...

...the younger Kopanygin (aka Capa's brother)
check it out or else...

Love Tilda Swinton. Here is a beautiful campaign filmed for a Scottish brand.
check it out here


Nouvelle Vague & Air Concerts

NOUVELLE VAGUE at Opera House, today Jan 27, 8pm, $27.50(still available), nouvellevague.com

AIR at the Phoenix Concert Hall, Mar 23, almost sold out at Soundscapes, $32.50, aircheology.com


Jan 26, 2010

Juma Sample Sale

Juma is having a sample sale on Feb 2-3, at 412-224 Wallace Ave. Expect to see 50%-70% with wide range of sizes available.

Jan 25, 2010

Salt and Pepper

Image from AGO.net

I've been searching for the perfect salt and pepper shakers for at least a year. These ones are great, except for the $91 price tag. By Georg Jensen at the AGO gift shop.

I Want...

Images from ssense.com

These two styles (both under US$200) by Jeffrey Campbell, an L.A.-based designer who launched his first collection in 200o from his garage. His shoes are reasonable, stylish, and long-lasting.

Check This Out...

Images from nuno.com

Check out nuno.com-a Japanese company that makes innovative fabrics. Their yarns are a part of permanent exhibition at MoMA.

Jan 23, 2010

Love Design Party Tonight at Gladstone

Love Design Party

Get rowdy at Come Up to My Room’s launch party.

GLADSTONE HOTEL, 1214 QUEEN ST W, 10PM, gladstonehotel.com


Jan 21, 2010

Movies - The Best of the Decade: Alternative View at Cinematheque, Starts TODAY

Image from Mulholland Drive

OMG! When and how am I going to fit this into my schedule?
The title says it all!

Programs and info are at cinemathequeontario.ca, Jan 21 - Feb 23

Interior Design Show Starts Today

more information on the website, Interiordesignshow.com

print out a 20% discount coupon from here


Jan 20, 2010

The Volta Tour Live in Paris and Reykjavik - Bjork's Tour Doc, Jan 22

If I had no plans for the upcoming Friday, I would definitely go and see this. You don't have to be a Bjork's fan, to appreciate the documentary.

Voltaïc: The Volta Tour Live in Paris and Reykjavik is a remarkable, multi-media document of Björk's visually dazzling Volta tour. The film features performances of songs from Volta as well as earlier tracks including Hunter, Jóga, Army of Me, and Hyperballad. A dynamic, grand live experience, the Volta tour has been acclaimed around the world.
more info about the film imagefestival.com

Friday January 22 at 7:30pm The Acacia Centre, 186 Spadina Tickets $10 advance/ $12 door, available online, at Soundscapes (572 College) and Queen Video (480 Bloor St. West).

Exhibition of Modern Canadian Design, Jan 20 - 24

Jan 19, 2010

Where to Get Good Stuff Cheap by Toronto Life

My favourite Toronto Life magazine has found "105 ways to live the good life for less" from free food to affordable art and etc. It seems that they have been reading our blog to get the inspiration for the current article...lol

here it is Where to Get Good Stuff Cheap from TL


Wearable Technology Panel with Sara Diamond only Today

Wearable Technology Panel with Sara Diamond

Fashion Forward starts with Toronto couture, featuring elegant stalwarts alongside more radical designers. From there, it goes on to explore how this community’s trademark inventiveness inspires new forms of social responsiveness by highlighting sustainability, wearable tech and special needs. In conjunction with this exhibit, OCAD president Sara Diamond will chair a panel discussion about wearable technology on

Tuesday January 19 at 6:30.OCAD Professional Gallery, 100 McCaul Street. (level 2), ocad.ca


Fira is off to Texas

Image from zazzle.co.uk

Our Fira is off to Texas today to get some sun, refreshing breeze from air conditioners, shop, eat, buy some souvenires for her bff (me), and, maybe do some work!

Have fun and take pictures...and don't stress!

PS. I'll be more than happy with a cute fridge magnet if you can't find anything else.

Jan 18, 2010

Shoes! 20% 0ff online at Little Burgundy

Not sure how long the sale is for, but I have checked it out. The product is cheaper than the identical one in the store. There is a full refund policy and a free delivery. And there is some decent staff (comparing to the other shoe stores).
Check it out at littleburgundy.com

Toronto International Design Week, Jan 19 - 24

Print the image above to get 20% off all TIDF events.

hello! I'm back for a bit from the winter hibernation :)

And the reason is International Toronto Design Festival from Jan 19 - 24.
TIDF is a new festival celebrating local and international design. A variety of venues around the city will host contemporary design events, including exhibits, symposiums, lectures, and fairs.
The full schedule of the events and parties is here(pdf).

Here are some highlights:
Design Exchange Awards
This exhibition celebrates the emerging and the elite of Canadian design for their excellence and their critical role in the commercial, not-for-profit and public sectors.

Jan 20 - 24. Boots, Bustles and Bustiers:
Fashion through the Ages in the AGO’s Collection European wigs, sumptuous Dutch silks from the 17th century and vivacious miniskirts of the ’60s are just a few stops on this tour of beauty, power, stat us, class and sexuality in fashion.

Jan 22 - 24. Come Up to My Room
The beloved indie furniture and design exhibition housed in the hotel rooms and hallways of the Gladstone hotel. This year’s list of over 50 budding talents and established pros includes Science & Sons and multimedia firm Sketch.
JAN 22 12PM-8PM, JAN 23 12PM-10PM, JAN 24 12PM-5PM. $8, STUDENTS $4, gladstonehotel.com

and of course
Jan 21 - 24. The Interior Design Show
The newest and most innovative in international and Canadian products are annually presented by 300 exhibitors. Inspirational exhibits feature both emerging and established designers; and highlight international interior design, architecture and industrial design trends.
More info here interiordesignshow.com


Logos Before and After - blog

blog to check out. underconsideration.com

Jan 15, 2010

My Canada Goose Quest

Kensington Parka
Mystique Parka

I've been talking about getting a Canada Goose parka since August. During my birthday trip to Montreal I've tried CG Mystique and Kensington parkas at Simons and fell in love with them! I've decided on Kensington for the sake of practicality-Mystique was great, but too long and too heavy for a city dweller. Kensington's $600 price tag was scary and I had to convince myself that I am investing in it for many years to come.
I've decided to get the coat closer to the New Year, hoping it will go on at least a minor sale. To my disappointment, not only it didn't go on sale, but it was also sold out, along with all other Canada Goose items. Even the Sporting Life on-line store, famous for having bottomless stock, was sold out!
After a few weeks of searching everywhere I came across a black Kensington in medium on ssense.com. I was thrilled! They were sold out of it long ago, so this was probably a returned item. So, $700 (tax included) later, I am anxiously waiting for the parka to be delivered today. My boyfriend was instructed to accept the package and notify me right away. I am so exited I will try to leave work early and run home to try it on! I will then go for a long test walk in High Park and let you know the results.

Jan 13, 2010

50% off Cargo Cosmetics - Sephora

Sephora will be discontinuing the Cargo line, and is clearing out the stock at a 50% discount! Offer valid January 12-31 at all Sephora locations.


Jan 12, 2010

Gap-The New Club Monaco?


I just wanted to share some great deals that I've found in stores last week. It's funny, but I am really into Gap lately. They are going after Club Monaco customers with same quality fabrics (think cashmere, silk, angora, pima cotton, etc) and lower prices. Their jeans fit great and come in "long". Oh, and their return policy is one of the best out there.

Gap's Spring collection looks good, but a little too military. Pastels are very nice and mix well with basics such as greys and browns. Product Red line has some really nice Ts (pictured above)

The remaining Fall/Winter collection is on sale now. Last Thursday I've scored a merino wool cardi ($27), a modal extra-long turtleneck ($7.95), and a chain necklace ($7.95). Lots of XS, L, and XL left. Smalls and mediums are hard to come by.


Jan 11, 2010

Get a Free B. Kamins Sample at Sephora

Get a free sample of B.Kamins Clear Control Anti-Blemish Pads at Sephora. Leave your e-mail in "comments" and we will send you the coupon.

Jan 8, 2010

Shop and Save at West Queen West

West Queen West in Summer

For those of you who didn't do enough shopping during the Holidays, West Queen West is launching a Passport To Savings, a shopping, dining, and entertainment event that happens every first Thursday of each month. Click here to get the passport. The sale has started yesterday with stores like Balisi and Morba offering special discounts for passport holders.

The next sale day is Thursday, February 4.


Jan 6, 2010

Spa Allure

photo from healthalizer.co.uk

I've been living at Bloor West Village on-and-off for the past 9 years. It's a charming, very European area with tons of cafes, delicatessen stores, and beauty parlors. I love the convenience of having all necessities within walking distance. But who knew that I will find the best spa for my grooming needs right there as well!

Spa Allure is a small privately-owned boutique spa located on the second floor at 2209A Bloor West. Agnes, the owner, is a sweet Polish lady with an impeccable taste and bright, welcoming smile. She provides a full range of services, but I especially rely on her waxing skills. Virtually painless, very fast, and long-lasting!!! Tanning beds are also available on premises.

Book your appointment today at 416-767-5108

Merry Christmas to all my Orthodox Christian friends! May this year bring happiness and joy to your lives!


Films to Watch at Cinematherque

There is not much to do in Toronto during the cold and snowy months, especially in the evenings. I see this time of year as a great opportunity to catch up on some books and films that I've been planning to read or watch for a while.

This winter, Cinematheque Ontario offers a great selection of classic and contemporary films that worth much more then the average $10 ticket price (even cheaper with a student card).

My favorite program, The Best Of The Decade: An Alternative View, runs January 23 to February 23 and includes an array of non-Hollywood films that have been shaping international cinema for the past 10 years. Here is the complete film list and here is the schedule. One film to watch for is David Cronenberg's A History of Violence. I love this thriller for a very dramatic depiction of human emotions.

Jan 5, 2010

I Will Get...

These Sam Edelman beauties are called Irina Glass Flats and were made with me in mind! The are $90 on ssense.com (down from $129). When is the next pay cheque?

Jan 4, 2010

Blue Alien Notes


I want to start 2010 by talking about things that made a lasting impression in 2009. Of course, I have to talk about the best movie of the year-Avatar. Almost everyone had a chance to see it by now, love it, hate it, comment on it... I am afraid Fira&Capa are the last ones to do so, but I still can't resist.
I knew Avatar was going to be truly amazing. A sci fi/fantasy film made with break-through animation technology-what can be better? But it really turned out to be one of the best movies of all times. Directed by James Cameron (born in Kapuskasing, Ontario-I am so proud!), Avatar is a logical next step up for the guy who gave us The Terminator, Aliens, and Titanic. Despite the in-your-face "green" propaganda and a slight resemblance to Fenimore Cooper's novels set in the 23rd century, Avatar made me lough, cry, gasp in excitement, squeeze my boyfriend's hand, and wish it was not 3, but 6 hours long! I loved Sigourney Weaver's character-very powerful, but still feminine and fun. I loved the aliens-gracious, tall, and blue (my boyfriend has been calling me "blue monkey" since the day we went to see the movie).
If you haven't seen Avatar yet-make sure you do! I can't wait for it to be available on DVD-I am getting it for sure!
Oh, the only thing... 3D gave me motion sickness. It was gone within the first half-hour, but I could do without it for sure!