Jan 12, 2010

Gap-The New Club Monaco?


I just wanted to share some great deals that I've found in stores last week. It's funny, but I am really into Gap lately. They are going after Club Monaco customers with same quality fabrics (think cashmere, silk, angora, pima cotton, etc) and lower prices. Their jeans fit great and come in "long". Oh, and their return policy is one of the best out there.

Gap's Spring collection looks good, but a little too military. Pastels are very nice and mix well with basics such as greys and browns. Product Red line has some really nice Ts (pictured above)

The remaining Fall/Winter collection is on sale now. Last Thursday I've scored a merino wool cardi ($27), a modal extra-long turtleneck ($7.95), and a chain necklace ($7.95). Lots of XS, L, and XL left. Smalls and mediums are hard to come by.


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