Oct 29, 2010

Black Swan Movie Posters

The movie Black Swan has been shown at the TIFF this year. I have not got a chance to watch it then. Plus, why would I,  if  it hits the theaters anyways in December. I have heard mixed reviews about it. Having people talk is probably better than not. It creates a "buzz". Honestly, I don't care much for that movie, but I came across the posters they produced for it.

It's nothing new. The style is inspired by Art Deco and has been used a lot in the 20's, 30's and etc. However, it's so refreshing to see American blockbuster movies paying more attention to the design of their posters. Those two things should be inseparable. For me, as a designer, it hurts to see bad typeface used through out.
The essential thing now is that the movie itself is as graphic, dramatic, bold and edgy as the posters.


Aida by the Canadian Opera Company

Photo Credit: © 2010 Michael Cooper. COC.ca
Let me make this clear from the very beginning – nothing can make Verdi’s Aida bad. The music is so amazing that  it overpowers the most horrible production. Just close your eyes and enjoy the opera without ever looking on stage.
COC’s Aida surprised me very much, and not in a good way. I was anxiously waiting to see the magnificent Egypt – golden sand, elaborate costumes, sphinxes,  pyramids… 

Oct 27, 2010

Halloween 2010. How to. Cheap. Easy. Fun.

Ilona is Audrey Hepburn and I am the Pirate of the Caribbean. 2009.
Nelia from the Styleblog.ca has created a fun list of last minute Halloween costumes that can be easily found in your own closet. Her post reminded me of the costumes my friends and I pulled together in the last couple of years – again mostly from our own closets or next door Dollar store and very last minute. I wanted to share some of  the old pictures that I have found. This year's costume is still to be decided. And again will be last minute. French man with a baguette? Maybe...

For more images click below.

Oct 25, 2010

Greta Constantine Spring-Summer 11 Collection

Image kkopanygin.
Greta Constantine is easily one of the hottest Canadian labels and we were very excited to attend their SS ’11 show. The media was buzzing weeks in advance calling it the “hottest fashion party of the season” and making everyone crave the invitation oh so badly.

We were smart to arrive an hour late, so we’ve only waited in line for 5 minutes (apparently those that were punctual have been waiting for much longer). The venue, although small, looked very trendy from the outside, and even better inside. It was packed with the industry folks, TV personalities, models, and media – all the best-looking people of Toronto. Exposed brick walls and sparse furnishing were  very stylish and in-the-moment, but at the same time effortless. We loved huge picture windows overlooking perpetually-busy Spadina and the overall cozy feel of the venue – intimate and very comfortable, as if we all were a part of a mysterious secret society. Charcuterie table by Parts&Labour and very decent wine made the before-show mingling to fly by fast (thanks GC for throwing a party that actually had enough food and drinks for the crowd).

Oct 22, 2010

Upcoming Music Concerts

To take a little break from the Fashion Week, here is a short list of music concerts that I came across.
I missed Booka Shade on Oct 20 and am missing the Phoenix tonight... :( tears

But, I think I'll buy tickets to Tricky... and Chromeo for sure!

Bonobo is back again. Phoenix, Nov 5, $19.50
DJ Shadow Phoenix, Nov 12, $30.50
Robyn – some quality pop music for you. Sound Academy. Nov 12 $25.00 
Broken Social Scene + Superchunk. Sound Academy. Dec 9 $31.50 
Tricky Mod Club Sun. Dec 12 $20.00
Wolf Parade Sound Academy Nov 26 $28
Chromeo Opera House. Jan 22, $27.50

Extended list at Rotate This and Soundscapes.

To make the day go faster, here is some Chromeo for you. Enjoy the weekend!

Chromeo "Night By Night" Video from GreenLabelSound on Vimeo.

Oct 20, 2010

Fashion Week in Toronto SS11. What to expect.

LG Fashion Week ss11 venue at the EX. Image kkopanygin.
Fashion Week is here. The name and the location seems to change every season. Now it's called LG Fashion Week, not a Toronto one... Running from Oct 18 – 23, it's a non-stop week of shows, fashion related events and parties. However, Fira and I have started our "fashion week" last Thursday with fashion shows sponsored by other brands and designers that stepped out from the official week, including the hottest ticket in town – Greta Constantine show. So, a lot of exciting stuff is coming up on Fira & Capa.

For now here is a list of reviews and pictures to expect from us:

Joeffer Caoc 
Dimitri Chris
Greta Constantine

Pink Tartan
Jessica Jensen + Alexander Berardi
Line Knitwear
Gotstyle store event


Oct 19, 2010

Nuit Blanche 2010. Post factum.

Royal Conservatory of Music. Image copyright kkopanygin.

I’ve been going to Nuit Blanche since it started in 2005. I was very much impressed with the first installment – I can still remember walking through UofT in the dark (and cold) and touring the MARS building with an absinth cocktail in hand. And then the next year it was a little less exiting, and even less the year after… Nuit Blanche was slowly deteriorating into a free-for-all night out – no art involved.

Addicted... How I Got Hooked on Flirty Girls Fitness

Flirty Girls Fitness has been around for a while now, but I've never thought that I am "that type of a girl" - someone who likes women-only upbeat workouts. All the pink butterflies and feathers - it just didn't do it for me...right until the day I got a chance to try out one the classes. No, I still don't like pink feathers. Yes, I did have the best workout of my life and I am now fully hooked on Booty Beat, Boxing for Babes, and other classes with equally silly names.

Oct 18, 2010

Sharp Magazine's "The Book for Men" Launch

Sharp's Book for Men Launch. Images copyright F&C.
On Oct 5, 2010 Crush Wine Bar was fully transformed to host Sharp Magazine's fall/winter "The Book for Men" launch.
The book has essential styling and grooming tips, must-have items for the season, as well as beautiful fashion editorials. My favourite part is a manual on the styling, grooming, accessories, proper etiquette! and etc. It's 32 pages "of advice and wisdom for men". You'll find tips on how to tie a scarf, buy a suit or remove a stain, or what the difference is between regular wool and cashmere.


Just got this in my mailbox...Despite my love for the Cole Haan brand, and their shoes in particular, this image makes me wonder...Why would they send out an ad with such an ill-fitting pair of boots?


Oct 7, 2010

Fake VS Real

Velvet shoes by Melissa
Suede shoes by Sam Edelman, both at the Little Burgundy
I came across these two pairs at the Little Burgundy's site. I like them both, and the prices are similar (and very economical). The problem is that one is velvet lined with plastic, and another is suede. I guess I am just puzzled how can you charge the same thing for fake and real...

The Sam Edelman pair is on my shopping list.


Oct 4, 2010

Reds at Roots

All these items are on sale at Roots. I am planning to get the scarf - it's only $14.98.