Oct 20, 2010

Fashion Week in Toronto SS11. What to expect.

LG Fashion Week ss11 venue at the EX. Image kkopanygin.
Fashion Week is here. The name and the location seems to change every season. Now it's called LG Fashion Week, not a Toronto one... Running from Oct 18 – 23, it's a non-stop week of shows, fashion related events and parties. However, Fira and I have started our "fashion week" last Thursday with fashion shows sponsored by other brands and designers that stepped out from the official week, including the hottest ticket in town – Greta Constantine show. So, a lot of exciting stuff is coming up on Fira & Capa.

For now here is a list of reviews and pictures to expect from us:

Joeffer Caoc 
Dimitri Chris
Greta Constantine

Pink Tartan
Jessica Jensen + Alexander Berardi
Line Knitwear
Gotstyle store event


Image copyright kkopanygin
Image copyright kkopanygin

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