Oct 29, 2010

Black Swan Movie Posters

The movie Black Swan has been shown at the TIFF this year. I have not got a chance to watch it then. Plus, why would I,  if  it hits the theaters anyways in December. I have heard mixed reviews about it. Having people talk is probably better than not. It creates a "buzz". Honestly, I don't care much for that movie, but I came across the posters they produced for it.

It's nothing new. The style is inspired by Art Deco and has been used a lot in the 20's, 30's and etc. However, it's so refreshing to see American blockbuster movies paying more attention to the design of their posters. Those two things should be inseparable. For me, as a designer, it hurts to see bad typeface used through out.
The essential thing now is that the movie itself is as graphic, dramatic, bold and edgy as the posters.


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