Oct 19, 2010

Addicted... How I Got Hooked on Flirty Girls Fitness

Flirty Girls Fitness has been around for a while now, but I've never thought that I am "that type of a girl" - someone who likes women-only upbeat workouts. All the pink butterflies and feathers - it just didn't do it for me...right until the day I got a chance to try out one the classes. No, I still don't like pink feathers. Yes, I did have the best workout of my life and I am now fully hooked on Booty Beat, Boxing for Babes, and other classes with equally silly names.

FGF was founded by two sisters - Krista and Kerry Knee. One is a workout and dance fanatic with some business background, another is an MBA. Their skill set was perfect for the women-only start-up that immediately gained popularity with Toronto's crowd. You can find out more about the founders here. I admire the sisters – they had the guts to follow the risky business idea and they’ve succeeded! They’ve also managed to staff their studio with the best athletic enthusiasts out there. Seriously, I’ve attended classes with 5 different instructors, and every single one of them was simply great! I am deeply in love with Karey and Alix – so different, but equally motivating, knowledgeable, and nice! Not to mention my friend Elena who gave me the opportunity to try out FGF. Thanks Elena!

I am not going to describe all the classes available at the Flirty Girls. There are more then 20, some more appealing the other (Hip Hop, for example, didn’t make my list). The number one so far is Fabulously Fit class taught by above-mentioned Karey – a tuff but amazingly energetic instructor that takes time to show a clumsy newbie how things are done. At some point during the workout I felt like crying – my abs were screaming at me, I felt weak, and, frankly, just fat. But once I’ve finished the workout, I went from feeling miserable to feeling empowered and renewed…

As far as the studio goes, it’s comfortable and spacious. The showers and change rooms are very well equipped and always spotless clean. The only thing that still hurts my eyes is the pink-and-butterflies theme…At times I feel like I would give anything for the hospital-like white wall to look at.

Lastly, I’d like to give koodos to the customer service reps at the Flirty Girls – I had a small issue with my class package and I got it resolved via e-mail within 30 minutes. I think this was the very first experience of its kind – the highest level of cc ever experiences with a fitness club.

Flirty Girls Fitness is located at 462 Wellington Street West.
You can call them at 416.920.1400 and ask about current promos.

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Anonymous said...

AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!!! I love it! FGF Changed my perspective on "working out". LOVE IT!