Jan 6, 2010

Films to Watch at Cinematherque

There is not much to do in Toronto during the cold and snowy months, especially in the evenings. I see this time of year as a great opportunity to catch up on some books and films that I've been planning to read or watch for a while.

This winter, Cinematheque Ontario offers a great selection of classic and contemporary films that worth much more then the average $10 ticket price (even cheaper with a student card).

My favorite program, The Best Of The Decade: An Alternative View, runs January 23 to February 23 and includes an array of non-Hollywood films that have been shaping international cinema for the past 10 years. Here is the complete film list and here is the schedule. One film to watch for is David Cronenberg's A History of Violence. I love this thriller for a very dramatic depiction of human emotions.

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