Jan 15, 2010

My Canada Goose Quest

Kensington Parka
Mystique Parka

I've been talking about getting a Canada Goose parka since August. During my birthday trip to Montreal I've tried CG Mystique and Kensington parkas at Simons and fell in love with them! I've decided on Kensington for the sake of practicality-Mystique was great, but too long and too heavy for a city dweller. Kensington's $600 price tag was scary and I had to convince myself that I am investing in it for many years to come.
I've decided to get the coat closer to the New Year, hoping it will go on at least a minor sale. To my disappointment, not only it didn't go on sale, but it was also sold out, along with all other Canada Goose items. Even the Sporting Life on-line store, famous for having bottomless stock, was sold out!
After a few weeks of searching everywhere I came across a black Kensington in medium on ssense.com. I was thrilled! They were sold out of it long ago, so this was probably a returned item. So, $700 (tax included) later, I am anxiously waiting for the parka to be delivered today. My boyfriend was instructed to accept the package and notify me right away. I am so exited I will try to leave work early and run home to try it on! I will then go for a long test walk in High Park and let you know the results.


ilya said...

too bad its +5 today and the rest of the week

the blogonistas said...

I will get colder sooner or later...after all, we are in Canada:)

the blogonistas said...

i bet Fira will be laughing at everyone once it's -25