Oct 3, 2009


Here is another guide to tonight's Nuit Blanche from Torontoist. HERE

Not sure if the reviews are worth anything...guess, would have to see it for ourselves to know! But having someone else list would be a good starting point!

Don't get wet and cold!
TIP: Bring some alcohol in a plastic (not alcohol) bottle to keep you warm!


PS. more reviews here


Nelia said...

How was your Nuit Blanche experience? Any faves? :)

Ilona said...

Here's my experience... You don't need to plan anything, just go to Queen Street West! The good point to start is the Gladstone hotel. You can head east from there. I love Nuit Blanche on Queen, because the locations are not scattered there. You can literally get out of one door and go to the next place or just across the road and see most exciting things without getting cold! Hope everyone enjoyed the night!