Oct 2, 2009

Our little guide to NUIT BLANCHE

A little intro by Fira:
I just realized how much Nuit Blanche means for me… It’s a night of art, re-connecting with friends, freezing wind (and possibly rain), hot coffees and snacks, a night of walking the streets of my favorite city on earth-Toronto. I know that many of you will disagree with me-lately everyone is uber-obsessed with Europe. But think about this-why be obsessed with something that’s beyond your rich, and not love something that is so close?
Anyways, I am getting carried away here….


1. Vanity Fair Portraits at the ROM
Free admission from Saturday night to Sunday early morning.
We suggest that you start from the ROM and then move South. This may be your first event of the night, so arrive early to avoid lengthy line-up.

2. Scry-Pod
The Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel, Waterfall Garden, 123 Queen Street West.
“Skry-Pod transforms the Sheraton's lobby and normally inaccessible gardens into a zone of divinatory encounters. Tarot readings activated through iTouch, a live tableaux in the glassed-in waterfall, and a VJ mix of the artists' aesthetic meditations on popular culture, natural cycles, and occult philosophy – will continue through the night.”
This is an ideal place to have you coffee-and-brandy stop. Warm up and Enjoy!

3. Vodka Pool
Lobby of Commerce Court West, 25 King Street West .
Honestly, I don’t know what is so special about this installation, but it’s a must-see on my list! Think of the intoxicating fumes…mmmm..

4. Sounding Space
Scotia Plaza, 40 King Street West (North Forecourt enter from Adelaide Street West doors).
“In this interactive installation, visitors’ feet, bodies and actions trigger musical phrases and sounds sampled from the financial sector and its workplace activities. Alone, or as a crowd, participants kinaesthetically orchestrate Scotia Plaza into a realm of fiscally-inspired melody and dissonance.”

I am really looking forward to this! It reminds me of the “Ball Room” few years ago (the one near OCAD).


As my personal picks would be concerned, I have not had a chance to scan through the lists, yet!
Saturday morning I'll update you on my personal favourites, but for now here are the sites I'll be using for reviews:

1. Nuit Blanche site, here
2. Nuit Blanche 2009 Guide by Blog TO, here

OH! and don't forget about a TTC pass just for that night! here is our old link. TTC is open all night!

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