Oct 1, 2009

Body Blitz Spa-Discount Tuesdays

Body Blitz Spa in Toronto offers "health and beauty by water". The spa offers a selection of "Theraputic Waters" that include:
  • Warm sea salt pool
  • Hot green tea pool
  • Cold plunging pool
  • Aromatherapy steam room
  • Infrared sauna
  • Showers

Also offered is a variety of face and body treatments like body scrabs, scalp treatments nad facials.

Get full acces to Theraputic Waters every Tuesday for $38 only (treatmets extra).


1 comment:

Ilona said...

Tip: come earlier (they are closed around 9PM) and bring a bottle of water with you (and your girlfriends to chat with! Guys are not allowed, sorry :) You will need nothing else, not even a bathing suit. They will give you towels, dressing gowns and flip-flops of your size. And you'll find moisturizes, hair-dryers, combs, hair sprays, etc. there too!

You can stay "in the waters" as long as you want, but the perfect timing is 1.5 hours. 1 hour is definitely not enough, but it gets a little boring if you hang out there for 2 hours or so.