Sep 29, 2010

Nuit Blanche 2010. Rough Guide by F&C

It's raining outside. Fall is here. Like it or not, the weather is changing, the air is being filled with the smell of wet leafs.
And, it's Nuit Blanche time.
The list of projects and installations is overwhelming. I can't make myself scan through them and give you my own top picks (maybe Fira will). So, for now I'll just share with you guides compiled by my trusted sources:

1. BlogTO guide to Nuit Blanche
2. Toronto Life's 10 must-see spectacles

When choosing my Nuit Blanche route, I'll keep in mind my experiences from last year.

It was surreal to watch downtown core, that is usually ghost empty past 5 pm weekdays, full with crowds wondering in and out. Massive and often cold skyscrapers were transformed into art installations or galleries. However, being close to a subway line, made that part of the city extremely busy during the night of Nuit Blanche. The lines to see any of the projects were very long and exhausting. Everyone just ended up wondering around purposelessly without really seeing anything.

West part of the city (Queen and etc), on the other hand, seemed to have a right vibe. I passed by the area on a way home, and did regret that we didn't just stay there all that time. The streets were full of happily drunk crowds, galleries opened and atmosphere seemed casual enough and not too overwhelming.

My suggestion for this Saturday. Get together with a group of friends, meet random people on the street, save some alcohol to keep you warm and happy, dress up for the weather and just carelessly wonder the city, as if sleep was the most useless invention of all.
There is something indescribable about meeting the sunrise even if it's cold and rainy outside!

Have you planned your night? Any suggestions what to see and where to go?

Here are some images from Nuit Blanche 2009:
Images copyright Fira&Capa


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