Sep 30, 2010

Metro Newspaper 10th Anniversary Party

On Sep 16, Metro Toronto was celebrating its 10th anniversary in a large east-end furniture shop, Andrew Richards Designs. The theme of the party was superheroes and everything was green from decorations, waiters' uniform to the food itself to reflect Metro's brand colours. The shop was a second location choice to accommodate a huge RSVP response. But even with a change, we had to wait in line for a bit to get in.

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Stripy and check shirts over jeans on not-so-tall and not-so-good-looking men dominated the crowd. I was guessing those were Metro's clients - marketing people from not-so-high-end companies. But so were we. Except for Ryerson that came as a guest…Just to clarify none of us had hideous shirts.

Other than that, the event was put together extremely well. From the lights, wall decorations to the stickers on the floors and balloons, green was the dominant colour. The theme of superheroes was seen throughout. The servants and Metro staff fully participated. If you felt you stood out too much, you could get your face painted and borrow a green cape.There was so much food, that the servants had to tap on your shoulder. I don't think I remember ever saying "no" to them at this kind of events, but this time that second cheesecake just had no space to go in.


Want to be a Superhero too?

Superhero waiter with green marshmallows. There is too much food.

Ilona and Justyna with green beer

Ilona and I
 Images copyright Fira&Capa.

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