Sep 27, 2010

TIFF 2010 Finito. Best and Worst Moments & Closing Awards.

Inside TIFF Bell Lightbox
If you have been working on Peter/Adelaide streets during TIFF, surrounded from each side by the new Bell Lightbox on John, a Filmmakers' Lounge on Peter, official hotel on King, ticket center on Blue Jays and a few major screening theatres on Richmond (not counting all the bars), it felt like Christmas. The crowds of industry people with passes were marching the streets like malls during the holidays. In other words, a perfect location for watching and observing.

Once again I noted - Toronto has so many nationalities, cultures and languages combined in one city. However, foreign visitors stand out from the crowd. It could be the lost look in the eyes, the map in the hand but most of the time it's fashion and personal style.

Good or bad, if existent at all, Toronto style rubs off on all of us and makes us blend in the crowds, no matter what language we speak on the streets or how often we go abroad for inspirations.

To finish my brief review of Toronto International Film Festival, here are some links:

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Inside TIFF Bell Lightbox


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