Feb 16, 2011

Another Word For Pink

Something beautiful is being made

A few months ago, I came across a marvelous site. Initially, I thought it was another aspiring young designer showcasing her work, but I soon realized that her site offers much more!  All her products are available for custom made-to-measure orders with free shipping across Toronto and very reasonable Canada-wide and international rates. Prices were another pleasant surprise – the average order is a little over $100! I was just about to buy myself a beautiful blue floral print dress from the Autumn ’10 capsule collection, when it occurred to me that I would love to meet the designer first and learn more about the brand.

I was excited to meet Breeyn, the creative force behind “Another Word for Pink”.  She is far younger then I’d imagined and is very friendly and outgoing. She speaks easily about her company, the business model, and the inspiration behind the brand. Her vision of who her customer is very clear: a contemporary young woman with a big personality, unafraid to make a statement with her looks through bold fashion choices.  Breeyn designs for character as much as for varying body types. She has a vast, loyal customer base and knows some of her clients so well that she knows exactly what they would like, without so much as asking a question.

Breeyn keeps her products accessible by selling directly to customers, keeping virtually no extra stock, avoiding the massive overhead that weighs down most clothing companies.  She also tries sourcing ethically-manufactured and natural fiber fabrics whenever possible, which she finds in several local stores. This is highly beneficial for both myself and anyone who cares about the quality of their clothing.

Breeyn’s inspiration comes from her everyday surroundings: photographs, fashion magazines and nature. The Spring/Summer 2012 collection evolved from a nautical/resort theme to a bottom-of-the-sea theme in a matter of days, and the evolution was driven by Breeyn’s environment and experiences. I am looking forward to the collection; I love the mysterious colors of the deep blue sea and its beautiful marine design elements.

It is simple to order from the site – just submit your bra size, height, and jean waist.  I am going to test this process immediately and finally get the blue dress which I was dreaming about all these weeks. The site says that the designer found the gorgeous paisley fabric at a Russian store - another important selling point for me. The dress is shown with a satin blue sash belt that can be ordered separately.

My many thanks to Breeyn for taking the time to talk to me and for her beautiful creations.


The blue paisley dress - my fave!

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