Nov 12, 2010


I’ve got two tickets to see Wicked from one of my suppliers and was thrilled to have my first musical experience! I’ve read countless reviews on-line – most of them beyond positive. I’ve research Wicked on Wiki, I’ve listened to the best songs on YouTube… I was super exited!

We got to the theater just on time to have a pre-show Coke and a cookie (they have amazing shortbread cookies with a Toblerone on top).  There were no empty seats and the excitement grew by the minute…

The production itself proved to be as great as I’ve expected – stunning costumes, great stage design, smart decorations… The soloists ( Jackie Burns and Chandra Lee Schwartz) were also wonderful. Even the storyline was ok, considering it was an “all ages” affair.

Wicked is right for you if you have kids/nephews/younger siblings. The only word of caution is the length of the performance – it’s close to 3 hours, and it’s a stretch on a weeknight. Otherwise it’s money well spend.


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