Sep 24, 2010

TIFF 2010 Recap. Absolute Vodka TIFF Event

TIFF was not very eventful for me. I have not seen any movies. My lousy excuse this time was – movies that get great reviews in the press would be out in theaters anyways. There is a great opportunity to see independent or foreign movies, but when time is limited, it's hard to make selections. So, I just gave up. Biting my nails when someone I know came from the theater, I repeated that excuse to myself again and again...

Parties wise, I was lucky enough to be dragged to a couple of places on an opening night Sep 9, 2010. One was Nikki Beach at C Lounge, which was empty and boring the first night at 8pm. The other was Absolute Vodka TIFF related event later in the evening and it was amazing. Rooftop of a parking lot in a downtown core was a location of the party. The guests were driven upstairs in a golf cart. The skyscrapers around the lot had movies and logos projected on. Commissioned art installations around the space were great ice breakers in the small friendly conversations. They also were an easy excuse to run away from those "weather" talks to pull and press some buttons on a random box with letters. The stage in the middle had few singers performing before a DJ set. It was a little chilly outside and that sudden change of weather felt uncomfortable. Nevertheless it seemed like everyone enjoyed themselves and each other. 

I called the crowd "upscale hipsters". Trendy with a style and a bit of a "starving artist" flair. Black leather jackets, high heels, nice purses and interesting jewelery. It was fashion, art, marketing and advertising industry. The drinks were, as you might have guessed, provided by Absolute vodka. However, they ran out of a regular one and served flavoured kind, hence the hangover next morning. Never mind half broken heel on my Mickael Kors, very long "the-day-after" and a headache, I could honestly say the party was fun. Finding my picture on someone's blog made it even more exciting...On to be exact...

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