Sep 24, 2010

I Got: Botkier

I am not sure what devil was dragging me in the opposite direction of my house to the Eaton Centre. The excuse was to look for the comfortable shoes for work. Classic loafers that would be perfect for rainy days and a transitional weather. And! Instead I get the opposite of those! Complete opposite. Shoes with the highest heel I have ever had, so I'll need to pay for cab if I get to wear them twice a year. Open, so that twice-a-year better happen in a warmer seasons. I'm not mentioning that I had to pay for them as well. And my pay day is a week away. Never mind all of the above, it was a great find. Botkier pumps were originally $550. Almost a flight to London for that price! I got them at The Bay for $160 minus random 10% from a lovely sales person. Now the challenge is to find an occassion to wear those before it starts snowing.


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