Sep 8, 2010

Cinematheque is Moving to Bell Lighbox

Pasolini's Arabian Nights

This Fall Cinematheque is moving to a new home – the Bell Lightbox. The venue on King West and John houses three Oliver' and Bonacini's restaurants with a budget-friendly Canteen on the main floor. This calls for dinner-and-a-movie a la high society – gourmet food and Pier Paolo Pasolini for desert (I, personally, wouldn’t be able to digest anything while watching Pasolini, but some people I know found far worst things enjoyable).

I miss the days when Cinematheque was housed at the AGO. That whole block around McCall and Dundas revoked some very fond memories… Back in the days, when Capa was attending OCAD, we’ve spent countless days wondering the streets, eating, drinking, and talking there. Sorry, I am getting nostalgic here….

Here is the link to the Cinematheque’s calendar. There are several screenings every day, and the tickets are less than the regular Cineplex ones. Don’t forget to visit the Essential Cinema page here.

What’s your favorite movie classic?


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