Sep 15, 2009

Woodbine Entertainment Complex

Last summer my boyfriend and I were bored and looking for new ways to entertain ourselves. One of us suggested trying Woodbine Entertainment Complex, specifically their racing track... After the very first visit we fell in love with horse racing!I am not a gambler, but even I enjoy betting two dollars (minimum bet allowed) on the favourite.

Woodbine Complex is not fancy, but rather run-down. The crowd is far from what you would expect, with many retirees, unemployed, and I-Have-Nothing-Better-To-Do people.
You can get pizza, burgers, and beer ($4/glass) and wait for the next race to begin. On a typical weekend races run every half-hour with a different set of horses every time.

Make sure to read up a little on horse races before you go. It is beneficial to have a basic knowledge of betting practices. There is even a special lingvo there

Let us know if you went to Woodbine. We are curious to know what our readers think.


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