Sep 9, 2009

Big "YEH" to the Film Festival

TIFF is almost here. And I'm really excited about this one. Unfortunately, I'm looking forward to free parties more than the movies themselves. I think I gave up on the wishing thoughts that come to me each year at that time: "damn, next year for sure I'll get all the passes to all the movies and will be updated on everything that is going on in the movie world (besides the gossips)!"

I'll still try to pick up some info on what's worth watching and maybe even make my my own list, hoping that one day after watching all the classics I'll get to those day!

Anyways, parties! Come on! Free drinks, free snacks, a chance to wear a not-so-new outfit, suits (that are not really my type after all), loud "oh my gud!!!" girls that come in groups and look identical. Not my scene at ALL, but I love it!!!

Above, is where we are going tonigh!


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