Feb 13, 2011

Naco Gallery and Cafe - my new fave spot on Dundas West

I recently had a pleasure of meeting Julian – the owner of the Naco Gallery and Cafe. Located on south side of Dundas West, close to Lansdowne Avenue, the cafe is easily one of the nicest spots on the street. The decor is interesting and ever-evolving with a few regular art objects created by the owner himself. Julian is a visual artist with a rich cultural background and unique experiences. One of his works that is featured at Naco is about his journey to Canada and his transformation in the Canadian society.

Julian talks about Naco as a place where its patrons can belong, a comfort zone for the artists that embraces their creativity and uniqueness. I am amazed with his passion and dedication to the community. Oh, and he makes great lattes too!

For more info visit Naco’s web page.


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