Jan 6, 2011

Starbucks' New Logo, Coffee in General + Half off Tea Lattes

I have mixed feelings about Starbucks. No, sorry! I have nothing against Sturbucks as many of my friends would think. I just simply don't like the taste of their coffee and the whole globalization just bores me to death. When I hear "extra hot, extra skinny fake milk, no foam, double foam" bs I just can't help, but roll my eyes. I do prefer coffee shops with some charm and good tasting espressos (though nothing compares to lattes at Milano's Stazione Centrale...oh memories). But, if there is nothing around, I'll have my Starbucks tall latte no problem.
I'm not a coffee addict, but there is something precious about the whole process and ritual of the coffee culture that doesn't go with the global brand.

That said, from a point of view of a designer working in marketing department, I find Starbucks to be a textbook example of a brand. I'll skip the analysis and won't bore you with "whys", but here is a great example of an evolution of a logo and a brand. Starbucks have updated their logo to mark 40 years in business. I like ...lol  More from starbucks.com

I think I need some post-lunch caffeine...


the blogonistas said...

Deal Alert!!! It's Tazo Tea Time at Starbucks, from January 7-16, 2011 between 2-5pm they are offering half price Tea Lattes. The flavours you can choose from include: Awake, Vanilla Rooibos, Earl Grey, Green or Chai. This offer is valid in Canada, it was posted on the Starbucks Canada Facebook Page. If you'd like a reminder of this offer you can text "Tazo" to 29943.

the blogonistas said...

more info here