Jan 11, 2011

:10 Minute Manicure

I few weeks ago a got a Groupon for a :10 Minute Manicure at The Bay on Queen St. For $25 I was promised a speedy mani and pedi in the heart of downtown.

Last Friday I decided it was time to use my Groupon. I went to The Bay and quickly found the place. I was very surprised that all services are performed in the middle of the sales floor. Yes, that includes pedicures - taking off boots and socks, stretching your bare feet for everyone to see... I went with a manicure only and for a $25 Groupon, a $3.25 cash fee, and a $4 tip (I am a good customer) I got a mediocre mani. It was quick and efficient, but it just didn't feel right. The tools were a little dull so they pulled on my skin, the nail polish was a little too liquid, and the drying fans were positioned very awkwardly.

I might come back for a mani if I am in a great hurry and have absolutely nowhere else to go, but this is unlikely...

Speaking of manicures, I am in love with the Chanel Khaki collection, especially Khaki Rose and Khaki Brun.



Anonymous said...

Am full on for mani/pedi deals off Groupon and such and....

DO NOT.. under ANY circumstances book a Mia Donna mani/pedi/massage - she offered deals through 2 different websites and it was the WORST mani/pedi ever. It is not that she didnt try, it is just that some people truly suck at what they do. Case in point.

On the other hand (all pun intended), I got a mani/pedi at the Buff Lounge this weekend (107 Front Street) and both girls (one that did my nails and the other my mom's) were amazing. Their nail polish is not the best (no availability of matte colours, glossy only) and it got shitty as I went to hot yoga class within 2 hours of drying my nails (so no staying power), but overall great mani/pedi and well worth it if you can get a deal for there:)

It is Jess by the way:) xoxo <3

Anonymous said...

Dear F:
Thank you for your purchase of a Groupon for 10 Minute Manicure. We apologize it did not turn out to be the quality or experience you desired. 10MM prides itself on giving high quality, speedy manicures and pedicures in convenient, quick, busy locations for those on the run. The Bay and our airport locations are places where you can immediately sit down and have such an experience. Yes, some of your privacy is sacrificed for the sake of convenience. We like to satisfy all of our customers so if you would like to give us another shot please get in touch with us at our website and we would be happy to make it right! We hope to see you again soon! Lorraine CEO 10 Minute Manicure

Anonymous said...

I completely agree, F.

I just got back moments ago from a Groupon :10 minute manicure experience at the Bay on Queen St. It was disappointing for several reasons: most importantly, a mani/pedi together took over an hour and a half and my nails still ended up looking terrible. The esthetician admitted to being new, but did not apologize for the slowness until the end. I tried to go on my lunch break, and as a result was gone from work for almost 2 hours. She forgot several steps (did not clean under my nails, did not scrub the bottom of my feet, left some old polish on the corners of my nails), and only polished about ¾ of each nail. Also, my toes had at least 30 minutes to dry and still smudged. My nails are streaky. I could have done a much better job myself and would have saved $35. Just awful!!!