Dec 9, 2010

A Toast to Pink Martini Clothing Line

Images from showroom: Fira&Capa.
I’ve had this shirt for years. It’s deep red, with cream trimming and a bird print. I’ve worn it to work, to weekend brunches, and to the grocery store. I’ve washed and tumble-dried it a million times, and I still love it as much as I did the day I got it. It’s a Pink Martini shirt.

Amir Bahar founded Pink Martini in 2006. He comes from a family of textile producers and therefore knows the industry intimately. Amir travelled the world while running an importing business and soon came to realize that the Canadian clothing market was missing the “it” pieces, those which would be the most attractive to customers and profitable for retailers. And thus,  Pink Martini was born as a natural solution to this problem – a fun, contemporary, trendy label that offers high quality clothing at reasonable prices. Amir is equally capable as a designer and as a businessman;  the company has grown into a large, profitable operation in a relatively short time.  His line is available in over 600 boutiques across North America, and it’s still expanding rapidly.

I am chatting with Amir and Zoe, his PR manager, at Pink Martini’s show room in West Toronto.  It’s bright and spacious, with many broad windows and cute vintage décor. Zoe is excited about the upcoming photo shoot for the Spring 2011 collection that she describes as “clean with a bit of a twist, down-to-earth, a little bohemian, and very versatile” (look book coming soon to Fira&Capa).  She also tells me about their use of natural fabrics such as silk and cotton, often blended with a little bit of polyester for durability and fit. The garments are designed in Toronto and produced in an ethical-labor facility in China. This allows the company to keep production costs low and pass on the savings to retailers, and, ultimately, to customers.

Amir finds inspiration in Europe, particularly London and Asia. He travels often and returns with fresh ideas for the new season. He designs his collections whilst keeping in mind women of all shapes and sizes. Many of Pink Martini’s  clothes can be easily worn from office to a night out;  many are transitional pieces that will take you from summer into fall and through unpredictable spring weather. Further, the colours and textures are also appealing to a wide range of women. The Spring 2011 collection is in pretty pastels with hints of salmon, royal blue and apple green. As always, there are a few grey pieces – Amir says grey is his business secret. Grey is always in style and goes with virtually anything.  I completely agree – there is a hooded gray coat in the Fall 2010 collection that I can’t stop thinking about. It’s  perfect for  cool October mornings when you want to put something cozy over business casual office attire. Unfortunately the coat is sold-out country-wide, so I am out of luck.

I leave the show room feeling proud about Canadian fashion and thinking about all the wonderful Pink Martini pieces I am going to buy next year.  Oh, if only I could wear that silk jumper to the office tomorrow!


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