Sep 10, 2010

Us VS Them

While getting ready for work this morning, I was thinking about all the things women carry in their bags and whether they really need them or not… I’ve realized that the larger my purses get, the more items I find that are “absolutely necessary” for me to have at any given moment of the day. Aside from all the usual girlie things – a make-up case, a hair comb – I also carry along a desk-sized day planner, a paperback to read on the subway, two BBs, two sets of keys, snacks, and at least one pair of sunglasses in a huge hard case. All these items are absolutely essential for me to function normally and I really can’t think of sacrificing any of them for the sake of lightening up my purse. I still can remember the days when I also carried a pack of smokes, a few lighters, a few packs of gum, and a scented hand lotion to take away the cigarette smell of my hands. I am surprised I could even get away with just a purse, and not to resort to a carry-on luggage for everyday use.

Now think about an average man. First, he doesn’t even own a bag. Most of the guys are too macho to carry a man-purse, they think it diminishes their masculinity. Instead, they stuff all their belongings in the back pant pockets. Their keys are limited to a single car key, a single apartment/house key, and an office pass card. Their wallet doesn’t even deserve the name. Usually it’s just a bunch of cards and coins with the driver’s license thrown in for a good measure. I don’t know how they survive without well, just about everything a normal person need on daily basis…

Wait, I know! I know how they survive without all these things – they simply ask us, their wives, girlfriends, and sisters for all the things they need. “Honey, do you have a gum (tissue, cash, chopstick, comb, pen and paper, a cell phone that’s actually charged, their business cards…)?”

I know I sound a little like Carrie from SATC, and I am sure that finally watching the first two seasons of the show had influenced me a lot (thanks, Ilonka and Igor), but thins was entirely unintentional. I just wanted to share some thoughts with you, and I hope you will share yours! Tell me what’s in your purse.

Have a great weekend!


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Anonymous said...

cell phone, wallet, bunch of keys (3 for apartment, 1 for mail, 1 laguagge pad lock, 2 for office), pack of cigarettes, lighters (2 to 5 at any given moment), hair comb, nail file, 2 pens (1 black, 1 red), iPod,bunch of business cards from all the offices I've ever worked for (don't ask why, they are just there in the side pocket), loose coins I can never fetch out when they are needed, post-in notes (or note pad, or magazine, or book, but never together)... band-aid and cleanex... what else? I do not carry cosmetics... I think this is, unless I go to the project location - then tape measure, laser measure and photocamera are being added... and green pen...