Aug 3, 2010

Mitzi's On College

Meet my newly-discovered brunch spot - Mitzi's on College. It's just a 3 minute walk away from College and Ossington and it has an amazing big patio. The key is to arrive early before the hang-over crowd crawls out of bed. I went there on Saturday around 11a.m. and got a table on the patio right away.

The food is outstanding, and the service is not bad at all… I was a bit disappointed when the waitress just dumped all out water glasses and cutlery on the table without giving us each a glass and fork-knife set. Other then that she was friendly and accommodating substituting my fries for extra fruit.

I had the best pancake ever at the Mirzi's, with lots of fresh fruit, real whipped cream and berries. The scrambled eggs and the omelet looked amazing and fresh, and the plates were large and filling. I will bring my family there for my B-Day lunch - they keep asking me to take them to a place "where the cool people go".

Oh, just a small cloud over M's blue skies - their "freshly-pressed" grapefruit juice tasted like it was fresh two days ago. Opt for coffee or tea.

Mitzi's has some siblings in TO. Check out their site for more locations.


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Nelia - Style Blog said...

Have been wanting to check it out for a while now...but just can't seem to get my booty to College for brunch yet. Maybe next weekend! Sounds so gooooood!