Aug 31, 2010

Fira is Back

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Hello all, I am back! I had an amazing trip, very inspiring and memorable. I’ve met lots of great people and I’ve learned to accept others with an open heart.

Germany is a beautiful country full of wonders and things to explore. Our vacation was too short to even start to fully appreciate all the greatness of Bavaria, and we are determined to go back for more in the near future. In the meanwhile, I fell in love with Munich – one of the oldest Bavarian cities and home to its royalty. The city centre is a bubbling mixture of old and new, of the past and the future. Benetton’s digital interactive ad is located right next to an old church and both look like they actually belong there.

My first two days in TO have proved to be super busy. I am recovering from a horrible flight back (never ever fly Icelandair, they suck!), making some changes to my lifestyle (resolutions, resolutions…), and getting ready for my trip to Florida with Capa. I also have some great material for the blog, mainly upcoming art events.

Have fun, stay healthy and happy!


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