Jun 9, 2010

Turkish Delight

I think I've said this before… I LOVE food. That's one of the reasons I'll never be a fashionable size 2, but rather a cozy size 6 going on 8… Sorry, got carried away again.

Anatolia restaurant
is a small, hard-to-notice place on Dundas street in Etobicoke. On the outside it's just a local eatery, but on the inside it's ancient Turkey coming to life in West Toronto. The décor is bold and very authentic - hand-made porcelain wall art, copper dishes, woven rugs… The menu and somewhat limited, but each dish is a fusion of traditional Turkish cuisine and the chef's culinary art. Owner/chef Ayse Aydemir opened the restaurant in 1999 and since then it became Toronto's darling. The prices are not as democratic as one would expect, but a good dinner for four will cost no more then $150, drinks extra.

I am not going to go through all the menu items, but make sure you try Feta Bruschetta and Manti from the appetizer menu. Ayran, a traditional zesty yogurt drink, is perfect to wash down the hearty meal. Oh, and leave some room for Turkish coffee ($4.75) or tea ($9, serves 4).

Visit Anatolia on the first Friday of every month for a dinner and traditional Turkish entertainment - live music, belly dancing, and fortune telling.

5112 Dundas St. W, Etobicoke


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