May 5, 2010

Tried and Approved

Pic by Ilona K.

I am so exited to share my great new find with you! Chi-Ko-Roo restaurant on Church and Wellesley has the best lunch specials and they are all $7! Plus, you get fresh bread and thee awesome dips with every order for free! My recommendation is to get Mediterranean Grilled Veggies and Chicken salad (pictured). The serving is huge and warm bell peppers, asparagus, and chicken breast and delicious. Chicken Caesar and Mandarin Chicken salads are also great.
The place is brand new, with semi-enclosed patio and quick, friendly service. I went there today with two friends and our bill came to $23 after taxes. I think Chi-Ko-Roo has the potential to become my next favorite casual spot!

Me and Ilona plan to continue exploring Church street. It looks promising, so stay tuned for more lunch recommendations!

491 Church Street

Bon Appetit!


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