May 19, 2010

RedBull 381PROJECTS - Event

Images: David Armstrong Six, "The Law of the Excluded Middle". Installation view, Red Bull 381 Projects

We all know what RedBull is. However, I'm sure not a lot of you are aware what RedBull 381PROJECTS stands for. It's a space on Queen/Peter, occupied by Red Bull office that at the same time houses exhibitons and hosts creative events. I heard the space itself is amazing from a design point of view.

I contacted 381 PROJECTS to see what exhibits are on right now and was lucky to find out that there is an event happening related to their current exhibit.
The work displayed at the moment is called "The Law of the Excluded Middle" by Montreal based artist David Armstrong Six "draws upon a wide-range of references and materials, resulting in an equally diverse yet decisive practice within the ambit of sculpture, drawings and video."

This Thursday, May 19, the artist will be giving a talk in the gallery and a walk through of his show.

If you can make it, I think, it's a great opportunity to check out the work itself, listen to the artist talk about it, as most of the time we have no idea what the artist "wanted to say with it" and, check out the beautiful space of the RedBull office.

Exhibition runs till May
Special Event: Gallery walkthrough with David Armstrong Six and curators Nicholas Brown and Catherine Dean Thursday, May 20 at 7pm

PUBLIC HOURS:Thursday and Friday: 5-9pm Saturday: 12-5pm
Red Bull 381 Projects
381 Queen St. W (Queen & Peter) 2nd Floor, Toronto


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