Apr 29, 2010

Trainer George - Not Your Average Trainer

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For many years I was under the impression that personal training is a universal scam that prospers on people's insecurities. I was dreading buff and tanned superhumans that tell people to "eat less and exercise more" for $80/hour. That's why, when I've heard about Trainer George, I was curious to find out more about his out-of-the-box approach to personal training.

I've met George Gianniotis in a downtown coffee shop on a cold and rainy afternoon. Despite the weather, he was sporting a light windbreaker and a welcoming smile. I was surprised to see that George has an average build and is nowhere close to the superhumans from the first paragraph.

George has founded G2 Kinetics after spending a few years in the mass-fitness industry. He has a degree from UofT and more then a decade of experience helping people to feel and look better. He works with all kinds of clients, but the majority of them are young females who, as per George, "look good, but want to go even further and look perfect". At that point of our conversation my skepticism was rapidly giving place to curiosity, and then to envy. I wanted to strive for perfection too!

George brings fitness to his client's homes. He comes to their gyms or apartments with a handful of simple devices that are more effective then a whole Goodlife with all its classes and equipment. He puts his clients first and listens to their needs and wants, their goals and expectations. Then he develops a personalized fitness plan that takes into account everything from the frequency of the sessions to their intensity to their length. George is very dedicated to the success of his clients. He will even go to Yoga or Pilates class with them for motivation and support, or just for company.

Even though he works for himself, George is not a pushy salesperson type. He offers a free consultation to everyone who is thinking about getting a trainer. He listens carefully and lays out the options available to his clients.

To find out more about Trainer George and G2 Kinetics, visit his web site here.

Stay fit!


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I work out with George and he's great!