Apr 6, 2010

Robin Kay and the closing of Toronto LG Fashion Week FW10

Image by Capa, copyrighted. Reference blog, if used.

Robin Kay! I'm not really in a fashion circle, but somehow I feel that there are a lot of mixed opinions about tehaviours. Befhis character. Some say she has moved Toronto Fashion Week to a new level, others criticize her deeds and awkward bore the Bustle show, Robin Kay, the president of Fashion Design Council of Canada, gave a closing speech. It didn't make much sense to me. Not surprisingly, not just to me. With their cocky sense of humor, that I love, Toronto Life wrote:

"before the show began, Robin Kay stood behind a velvet rope on the runway and gave an incoherent speech, in which she announced that she had become the publisher of Flare and Elle and the host of Fashion Television. Then she sat down. April Fool?"

It was easy for me to get distracted from her speech, as I was more concerned about her breaking a very high golden heal, dress malfunction that is about to occur or the chair that suddenly breaks before she sits down. I have never heard her speak before, so this time I wondered if she's started celebrating early with a cocktail or two or that's the way she actually is every day. What? Mean and sarcastic? Maybe, she's a lovely person after all!


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