Apr 5, 2010

LG Fashion Week 2010 - Second Instalment: Comrags

Images from the Comrags homepage

Last Thursday I went for another dose of high fashion and people watching. I had a ticket to Comrags show, and planned on staying for the Dixon and Barbie by Dixon. Comrags was the focal point though, as I always liked their wearable, down-to-earth styles. It's something I could see myself wearing to the office by day, and out by night.

In all honesty, I am not my usual cheerful self this evening, so I walk into the Allstreem centre ready to criticize and comment bitterly on everything and everyone. From the very beginning, I am surprised to see way more people than on Tuesday. Apparently it is "cool" to make an appearance during the last few days of the Fashion week - the first days are for rookies. I walk straight to the bar, get my first glass of wine, and start looking for before-the-show entertainment. To my surprise, I am not that exited about the whole set-up, at least not as much as I was on Tuesday. I walk by the same "comfort" islands of gold furniture, same make-up and hair stations, same Barbie booth, and end up at the Designer Department Store at the far end of the hall. Here I take my sweet time browsing racks of hot new fashions and realize that there are not that many items that I'd like to have or even to try on. Boring colors and shapes dominate the collections, and most of the fabrics are synthetic blends. I carefully examine the jewelry counter, and finally find some pieces that are truly unique. Just when I am ready to get my wallet and shell out $129 on wooden earrings by a designer I've never heard of, we get called to the runway hall for the Comrags show. The earrings are quickly forgotten and I maneuver the crowd and make my way to the hall entrance.

My seat is not that good, but I prepare to enjoy the show in any case. The hall is full with media, stylish and stick-thin industry folks, and "regular" people (don't get me started on their outfits - Aldo shoes, cheap stone-encrusted clutches, Urban Behavior dresses primarily in purple and hot pink, and flat-ironed locks). I try to ignore a flock of teenage girls beside me, and concentrate on the show.

As expected, Comrags show is modest and somewhat conservative in comparison to other designers. Very wearable, soft, and appropriate for all occasions - these terms describe the core of the collection well. I like the simplicity and can easily picture an everyday woman walking on that same podium and wearing the same outfits. I am in love with burned orange oversized knits and some of the plaid suits. They are nicely cut and cinched at the waist with playful color-blocked belts. At the same time, I had a hard time understanding mid-length shapeless skirts worn with flat boots, neutral fishnets (this is Fall/Winter, right?), and satin ribbons tied on models' calves. I am also not amazed by some of the dresses. In my mind boiled wool looks good in tailored styles, and not in potato sacks. It's an even split between pieces that I'd love to get and pieces that I'd happily donate to the Goodwill.

After the show I get outside for some fresh air wishing I still smoked (I think fashion industry has a 90% smoking rate). I come back, gulp another glass of Chardonnay, and prepare to stand in line for Dixon and Barbie by Dixon. 30 minutes later I am told that I don't have proper tickets and "can wait and see it there will be some sits left". At that point I am ready to take off my hills and walk around barefooted, so I just hail a cab and text Ilona asking her out for drinks in the local pub.

P.S. A little clarification on the pictures… The images embedded in the post are from Comrags Fall/Winter 2009, but they are very (and I mean VERY) much alike with F/W 2010. I couldn't take any worthy pics during the actual show, but here is the link to the BlogTO's review of the Comrags collection. I find that their pictures are always good and I will be giving links to their posts 'till Fira&Capa get good cameras or may be even a designated photographer.


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