Apr 6, 2010

Bustle FW 10 - last show of the LG Fashion Week

The only fashion show I had an opportunity to go to was Bustle, the last show of LG Fashion Week. Two lawyers, turned designers, Project Runway judges (rather just Shawn Hewson) tend to invite local celebrities to be a part of a show. During their Spring collection Stacey McKenzie, Canadian raised, world known model, was serving caesars to the audience. The audience loved the theatrics of it, laughed and applauded, however forgot to look at the collection itself.
At the end of the show, Jeanne Beker, designer Evan Biddell, Stacey McKenzie and hairstylist Jie Matar (not sure why him) were doing a "model" walk. This time it gave us the opportunity to observe the models, rather than celebrities, for better or for worst.
The first thing that caught my attention, was the consistency of the collection. It was easy to pick out the common elements, such as colours and textures through out. Here is a short list of trends that formed in my mind as I was watching. Purple, green, grey, black, velvet, stripes, pleated shirts, turtle necks and military jackets. The overall feel was dressed up casual or dressed down formal, i.e. dress pants with converse. One of the things that stood out, in my opinion, was an interesting colour combination of dull purple with a dirty green. If you're still not convinced, I heard the quality of the clothing is amazing. My friend has a few of their suits, and after few alterations they look as good as Hugo Boss...at least from some distance :)


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