Mar 4, 2010

Review: Black Hoof charcuterie - i could never be a vegetarian

This restaurant does not need a long introduction. It already has a numerous reviews from respected sourses. I'll be brief...
- a feast for your taste buds. really!
- 40 minutes waiting is worth it (there is a no reservation policy)
- wine list goes well with the menu
- if you order right, the portions are big enough to satisfy the hunger
- place is small and cozy
- staff is friendly and knowledgeable
- can't wait to go again, even thinking about it makes me hungry...

"the best grease I have ever eaten in years", Globe &
"When she brings the charcuterie we practically squeal like the little pigs",
" the tongue sandwich here is the best deli food in town",

Black Hoof, 938 Dundas St. W., Toronto, 416-551-8854

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