Mar 22, 2010

Fresh Gossip from the Toronto Fashion Week

A little gossip from the fashion front:
The prediction is that our "not-so-great-to-start-with" fashion shows would suffer even more.
Elmer Olsen model agency is providing designers with "free" models who are obviously new, inexperienced, can't walk and are willing to work for free, most likely, to get exposure and etc. Everyone including models and other agencies are outraged by the news that came out only last Friday. Few designers have canceled other models, even though they have been through castings.
Fashion Week, it's reputation and a future of it, including the whole industry, would most likely suffer even more with that decision that obviously has some personal/business motifs. Or is a result of poor support, organization and etc.

We will hope for the best and wish the whole fashion industry to move forward a notch, rather than backwards with each show and each event!

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