Mar 20, 2010

Fashion Updates, Greta Constantine Show and etc

Toronto Fashion Week is coming up starting Mar 28- Apr 1. However, some of the Toronto designers decided not to be part of the Fashion Design Council of Canada because of bureaucracy, creativity restrictions etc.
Once the designer has his name out, set relationship with the buyer and has a range of clients and a few sponsors, he can afford to be more creative in a space and a presentation for his fashion shows.

One of the most successful Canadian designers, who have shows outside the official LG Fashion Week are Greta Constantine. Yesterday, their show took place in a beautiful building of Audi dealership downtown. I had more important commitments that night, but made sure to send one of my "personal insiders" to check out the show and take some pictures.

So, the report:
The show itself was well organized with amazing lighting, venue and production. Women collection was primarily gowns - floating, "fluid", draping nicely around the body. Interesting pieces that are practical at the same time. The shoes stood out as ell, high heel booties with pieces of reflecting glass attached to the back. As per men collection - the pieces were interesting, maybe not as practical, according to my insider. Pieces of glass from the women shoes were carried through the men collection as well.

On the guest chairs there was a print out sheet of paper (press notes) with the main inspirations, influences behind the collections. In my opinion the viewer should more or less get the feel of the collection without having a cheat sheet in front of him, but apparently other major shows use the same tactic. Here are the main points that should describe the collections to us. Women - fatalistic, defiance, tension, temptation, vice, not touched by gaga. Men - doomed hero, moral ambiguity, fatalistic night crawlers, sinister.

Other fashion updates.
The sweetest guy ever and a great local designer Evan Bidell has opened a show room/store on Ossington. Interesting pieces displayed in the space that has original charm of the old building.
Oz on Ossington by

Evan Bidell's fashion show is Tuesday, March 30, 9pm. Afterparty at Bohmer on Ossington.


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