Mar 31, 2010

Evan Biddell and his afterparty at Bohmer

My plane from BC has landed 2 hours before Evan Biddell show. I really wanted to see that one, but my energy level only allowed couple of hours of an after party at a new Bohmer restaurant on Ossington. The space had a gorgeous red Audi R8 inside the restaurant, another S5 cabriolet standing in front and a VIP Audi lounge. The lounge became less and less VIP towards the end as some skinny, super young, some "trying-too-hard" fashion people have squeezed into the "c" shape couch. It took us some afford to pull our gift bags and trench coats from there.
The star of the party, Evan, who is more outgoing and friendlier than most of the crowd, looked so happy, pleased and satisfied, that it was impossible not to notice that the show went really well, at least for him. I had to give him a hug and congratulate him, thought I have not seen the collection.
He has also mentioned that one of the major department stores has offered to look at his collection closely at his new Oz studio. I wish him best of luck in that. He is the loveliest person I have ever met!

P.S. Fira has attended few of the LG fashion shows, including Evan Biddell's. So, I believe Fira's perspective on the collection is coming up shortly.


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