Feb 7, 2010

Winterlicious Drake

Squash and Pumpkin cream soup is a part of Drake's Winterlicious menu

I've decided to write a quick note on our visit to the Drake Hotel's renowned restaurant for the Winterlicious. I'll make it quick-the food is good, but be prepared to spend at least $150 (for 2 people), regardless of the $35 prix fix.

First, the wine list for the event is beyond bad-the Canadian wines offered are barely tolerable, very flat, and lacking character. So, chances are you'll end up ordering something from the regular wine list -a $14/glass average. Then, a 18% gratuity is added to your bill. The service is not $18%-tip good, so I consider it a stretch. And lastly, there is simply too much food to consume and enjoy. I with the dinner was $25 with half the food.

On a good note, the crowd is just right with a good mix of well-established 30-somethings and up-and-coming youngsters.


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