Feb 22, 2010

Scandinave Spa

As usually, me and Zaika didn't do anything particularly romantic this St. Vals. I didn't complain (we had a great evening watching Olympic figure skating with friends), but have asked for a trip to Collingwood's Scandinave Spa the weekend after. Zaika did his own research, and gave me a firm "yes" on the trip, so I went ahead inviting Capa to come along.

Both me and Capa slept on the way to Collingwood, leaving driving to Zaika (I think he is used to the arrangement by now). We got to the spa by noon, an hour behind the proposed schedule, and were greeted by a smiling attendant who informed us about a 2-hour average wait. Scandinave spa has a "no reservations" policy, and Saturday happens to be the busiest day of the week. After all, the wait wasn't that bad, but we've learned the lesson: arrive either before 11a.m., or after 5p.m. on weekends to avoid lineups. The visit to the spa is $45 per person, but we opted to rent robes ($12 each), and have a light lunch later ($45 for three). Robes proved to be a good move, while lunch was disappointing. Next time we will stick to a cup of tea after baths, and have food in the Village.

We've collected our complimentary towels and rental robes and were shown into the change rooms. The second, and last, disappointment, was the size of the lockers. The comfort was minimal with too many people cramped in a small space. However, the place was clean and the facilities were well-equipped.

The baths themselves were great! The ritual includes a warm-up in a steam room, a sauna, or a hot pool, an ice-cold plunge, and then a 15-minute relaxation. The cycle is repeated as many times as desired, with a usual visit lasting 2-4 hours. My favorite part was the eucalyptus-infused steam room. It felt like every time I inhaled the fragrant steam, I did something good for my body. A truly therapeutic experience.
The spa is open every day of the year, rain or snow. Weekdays are typically less busy, and Wednesdays are discounted ($35/visit). Packages, gift certificated, and massages are also available. Visit Scandinave Spa site for more details.



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