Feb 22, 2010

Hungry Bloggers' Notes

One of my greatest indulgences is eating out. I equally love fine dining, less-then-casual bites in Annex, and authentic Indian on Gerard (I wish I could get up there more often). My boyfriend says that there is nothing I won't eat-I can find beauty in any dish regardless of the ingredients. The biggest problem with eating out (aside from the number of calories consumed with any meal) is money. I trip to a fine dining restaurant is at least $100 with only one or two glasses of wine. Even casual places like Spring Rolls or Yorkville's Sushi Inn can be pricey by the time drinks, appetizers, and deserts are accounted for.

So, in the light of spending less and saving more this year, I've been thinking about ways to make dining out more budget-friendly. I've decided to stay away from posh downtown eateries and only stick to monthly oyster dinners with my dear friend Ruzanna. After all, seafood and Champaign can elevate the grimmest Winter mood-and that's priceless! Another exception would be visiting a new place with Capa and reviewing it after.

Next, I've committed to bringing lunches from home thus saving an average of $7/day. I am trying to make weekday meals healthy and possibly even vegetarian so I won't have guilt trips when consuming bone marrow at the Black Hoof (the review is coming up soon!). I am also cutting back on deserts and high-calorie sweet aperitifs (think rainbow-colored martinis and mixed drinks).

Aside from all the "lifestyle" changes, I've been actively searching for specials, Fix Prix menus, and Happy Hours. Winterlicious came and went, and I was hungry for the new deals and tasting menus. My efforts were rewarded with Dine.to site that not only provides comprehensive reviews of Toronto restaurants, but also offers wide range of coupons and specials that can be used in the featured restaurants. I love the variety of cuisines, locations, and price ranges. Anything from $4.99 breakfast or $100 Prix Fix menu is listed along with the restaurants' contact info.

I will be monitoring the site and posting the best deals here.


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