Dec 15, 2009

You Will Benefit from The Benefit Brow Bar

For the past 4 years I've been struggling to find a perfect place to get my eyebrows done. I've been to countless Asian nail parlors, I've intrusted my eyebrows to my otherwise-perfect Polish esthetician, I've tried a do-it-yourself approach... Nothing worked...until today.

Benefit Brow Bar at Holt Renfrew (50 Bloor street West) is located on the main floor. The make-up counter and brow shop is served by 4 smiling professional that have solutions ready for the most severe brow problems. The services offered range brow arching ($23) to all kinds of facial waxes($12-$30) and include complimentary make-up touch-ups, and a mini lecture on eyebrow grooming techniques. Full range of benefit's products is also available (I love Eyecon eye cream).

No appointment necessary!



Rock that Look said...

Good to know...thanks for sharing!!!

Nelia said...

Hmm...have you tried it yet? I am curious too...I need one of my eyebrows reshaped to match...So afraid to go to those random salons - am worried that they'll obliterate my brows :)

the blogonistas said...

Nelia, I've tried it-it's great! Highly recomended! $30 with tips, but soooo great!