Dec 22, 2009

Holiday Thoughts

This Holiday season is special for me in many ways. I am staying in TO for both X-Mass and New Year, spending the special days with the special people-family, dear friends, my one and only Zaika. I will sleep and cook, watch movies and go skating, get rid of old things and get some new ones… I will host little get-togethers, work out (at least that’s the plan), and do yoga. I will try to be a better, kinder person.

This past year was also special. Good and bad things have happened, but thankfully good ones outnumbered the bad ones. We have started a blog, and, although we have our own little issues, I consider it a great success (thanks Capa!). I quit smoking- I’ve never believed I could do that-and now I have a one-sided love/hate relationship with all my smoking friends. I love the smell of tobacco when they light up, and I hate them for smoking without having guilt trips. I became one of those terrible Blackberry addicts who text and e-mail non-stop. I wake up in the middle of the night to check my e-mails and Facebook app. I think I may need a doctor…

Thanks to all of you for reading Fira&Capa. We appreciate your interest, loyalty, and forgiveness. We also appreciate any comments and suggestions, constructive criticism, and “for your blog” e-mail (thanks Ilonka!).

Happy Holidays to all of you! Love and best wishes,


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