Dec 30, 2009

Books of the Year-Fira's List

If you know me, you know that I am an avid reader. I've had some time on my hands this year, so I did some extra reading coming back to my all-times favourites and reading some new things. So, here is a short list of what's left the lasting impression:

1. Jerome K. Jerome and his "Thee Men in a Boat" -I've probably read it twenty times both in English and in Russian. Brits rock!

2. James Herriot and all of his books about animals-another Brit. He will make you lough, cry, and wish you were a vet!

3. Dan Brown-enough said.

4. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and his Sherlock-I read some of the short stories every year. Beautiful, intriguing, classic.

5. Mikhail Bulgakov's "The Master and Margarita" -one of the greatest writers of all times, this Russian never ceases to fascinate me.

6. Elizabeth Gilbert's "Eat, Prey, Love" - will definitely become one of my all-times favorites. very spiritual, but easy to read and enjoyable.

Did you read a good book this year? Please, share your favorite books in "comments".

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