Nov 13, 2009

Note To All:Gap and BR 40% Off Every Wednesday 'till X-Mass

I have visited Gap and BR yesterday (BR has some out-of-this-world Holiday looks) and found out that they will be offering 40% off one regular-priced item every Wednesday 'till X-Mass. I have my heart set on some fabulous jewellery, a black backless dress, and a silverish cocktail tunic.

Let's shop!


P.S. Oh, and some great news for Club Monaco fans... Their sale items are refundable 'till January 14th!


Nelia said...

Is it EVERY Wednesday till Xmas, or Dec 2, 9, and 30? I got a coupon for Cheer To Wednesdays, and those were the dates.

the blogonistas said...

Thanks Nelia. I was told by a Gap employee that the discount is valid every Wednesday. I will confirm that again shortly.

the blogonistas said...

Ok, here is the most updated info: Gap and BR offer discounts on different weeks. BR started yesterday, and Gap will start on Decenber 2.