Nov 25, 2009

The new place to eat pizza is Burlington...

1. Pizza with mushrooms 2. Bar with a good wine selection 3. Center lighting fixture 4. Tiramisu 5. Expert in Italian food – Liana

This Saturday I was lucky enough to be a part of Friends & Family event at the new Italian pizzeria Eatalia, a creation by Hanif Harji, the owner of Kultura and Nyood in Toronto. The restaurant has just opened this Monday.

Don't get too excited, that it might be located somewhere in between Queen West and King East, where the other two restaurants are situated. No! Burlington is, apparently, a new hot spot for expending the business! The richest of our citizens own property in Oakville-Burlington area and don't have much choices besides Jack's Hotdogs or some Montana's to enjoy an evening dinning.

However, it doesn't mean they are willing to pay a fortune for a brand new restaurant. So, not to scare them away, Eatalia's prices are very reasonable for a pizzeria (I don't mean Pizza Pizza).

The restaurant itself is situated in a former bank building. The structure is very 70's-80's inspired with the stone wall and a round front glass window. The interior was designed by Commute Home. They did Kultura and Nyood as well, that helps to create some consistency in Hanif's projects. The design doesn't scream "pizza" or even worth "Italia". There are few interesting elements that are appropriate for a semi-casual dinning with affordable prices.

As food is concerned, it was great! With a lot of attention to details. But, as my Italian food expert Liana has said "unless the ingredients come from Italy in a super fast plane, the taste won't even be close".

But for the rest, if the flight to Italy seems a bit too long, the 45min drive from downtown to Burlington will get you some sense of a mini trip and a great evening! Very recommended!

And good luck to Hanif in the unknowns of the Surburbland!

Eatalia, 527 Brant St., Burlington

To shake that pizza, pasta, tiramisu and wine off we went to the party at Nyood on Sunday from 12 - 6. Every third week of each month you can extend your brunch into dancing on the tables to a loud club hits with Mimosa glass in your hand. And, you'll even have enough time to sober up and prepare for a working Monday.
Check the restaurant's website for the next Brunch party and book a table. It gets packed!

, 1096 Queen West, Toronto



Liana said...

Pic 2. Bar with a good bar tender selection :)
Pic 4. Excellent presentation of good Tiramisu
Pic 5. Amateur food lover.
I agree that the prices were very reasonable and great value for money...the food was good!

In terms of sobering up with a brunch to get drunk again on Sunday afternoon with mimosas, vodka shots and Hendrik's-sodas, Nywood was fantastic. A very strange experience but lots of fun!!!

Nice blog :)

the blogonistas said...

Thanks Li!